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 Moon over snow-covered trees above Buntzen Lake


Where do the stories come from?

 Moon Jellyfish in Indian Arm

For the most part, the stories and trip reports in the Paddling Locations Gallery come from around the areas in which we reside -- primarily, the Vancouver/Fraser Valley and the southern Vancouver Island regions. Some of the stories are about salt water paddling, others are based on river and lake destinations. We're quite pleased and very fortunate to have such a diverse selection of choices for paddlers in British Columbia.

We strive to provide accurate information and interesting photo editorials of as many of the accessible paddling destinations in British Columbia as we possibly can. Often, research is required for many of our editorials and as such, we've come to appreciate the fascinating history of many of our paddling destinations. If you happen to notice something on this site that is incorrect, please contact us and let us know about it.

As we venture further from our home regions, we'll be adding more stories about those areas. In the future, we plan to add stories about Howe Sound, Sechelt Inlet and the Sunshine Coast, the Broken Group, and areas to the north such as Johnstone Straight and the Queen Charlotte Islands.

For now, we're primarily concerned with paddling in British Columbia, but if we can locate paddlers in Washington state who would like to submit editorials, we'll add Paddling Location stories from there, as well as Oregon, California, and Mexico.

If you know of a paddling location in British Columbia that you think we should cover on this website, we'd like to hear about it and if circumstances permit, we'll do our best to add it to our Paddling Locations Gallery.

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