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 Kayaks under the cliffs at Pitt Lake


Who's behind WestCoastPaddler?

WestCoastPaddler.com is the result of the efforts of a few avid paddlers:

Dan Millsip, editor

Dan is the creator and editor of this website and is very much at home on the water. He started paddling the waters in the Vancouver area when he was a young boy and enjoys a deep-rooted appreciation for the freedom and solitude that the kayak brings.

 Photo of Dan

Mark Schilling, assistant editor

Mark resides in Victoria and although he's only been paddling for a few years, he has paddled extensively in the waters around Victoria and the Gulf Islands. Mark logs a lot of solo miles and is an avid outdoorsman. You'll most often find Mark paddling towards the big waves.

 Photo of Mark

Steve Fairbairn, contributing adventurer

Having paddled around the Lower Mainland for years, Steve is a very proficient paddler. Steve's known as our gear man -- he's got every piece of practical gear that you can think of -- from hammock tents to folding saws to outrageous cookware -- and he manages to fit it all inside his kayak.

 Photo of Steve

Andy Ferguson, contributing adventurer

Within weeks of taking lessons, Andy purchased his own boat and has improved his paddling skills a great deal. It never takes much coaxing for Andy to get the boat loaded on his car to head out to a local paddling spot.

 Photo of Andy

Mick Allen, contributing adventurer

Having spent many years paddling in white water before migrating to sea kayaking, Mick is an excellent paddler who provides us with expert advice on advanced techniques (and has taught a couple of us to roll). Although an accomplished wooden kayak builder, Mick is mainly a passionate kayak designer.

 Photo of Mick

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