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 Great Blue Heron and duck in Victoria Harbour


Why does this site exist?

 Curious seals on a log boom

This site is done just for fun. We do it because we like to and that's the only reason. It's not a job, it's not a business, it's not even an obligation. It's more like a hobby -- a hobby that hopefully will provide some content that you'll find entertaining and informative.

The concept for this site was developed in mid 2004 after recognizing that no websites existed specifically listing paddling locations in British Columbia. A website such as this could be a good resource to those looking for new places to paddle -- there was definitely a niche that needed to be filled.

There are a number of guide books for local paddling destinations and as useful as they are, there is something missing in practically every one of the them -- they don't offer many photos. This website is not intended to replace guide books or their importance, but perhaps instead, as a complement to them.

Always exploring and looking for new paddling locations, we realized that we've taken thousands of photos on numerous paddling trips -- this website would be a perfect way to show other paddlers some of the great destinations. Thus began countless hours of reviewing photos and roughing out a plan for what this website would contain.

And so continues the adventure...

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