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    San Juan Island to Portland/Rum/Sidney/D'Arcy

    It seems unusual to start on the San Juan Island and cross over to Jones, then go back to cross Speiden Channel to Stuart. Many people leave from Rueben Tarte on the San Juan Island, head north, and cross there. I'm guessing you're a "walk-on" on the ferry and have to cross over to Jones for a...
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    floating? VHF radio recommendations

    I have a Horizon HX300 too. One feature I look for is if they have an AAA or AA battery pack option (the HX300 has). That way, if for some reason you run out of juice, you don't need a long extension cord to change it. Because it uses USB, you can also use one of those charging bricks people...
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    Review: Astral Hiyak Water Shoes

    I rented a big boot (Adidas?) for hiking up the Narrows in Zion earlier this year. I was amazed at the "no-slip" traction on submerged rocks. But I'm sure their size would not allow them to fit in my kayak cockpit. I have one neoprene shoe I use mostly for lakes and warmer water and one larger...
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    Roof Racks - J-style or Hull-down Cradles?

    I have side-by-side cradles for a two-boat carry. But once in a while, it's nice to accommodate three. I had gone with two J's, I could probably fit a third boat between them.
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    Delta 12.10 vs. Boreal Baltic 120

    My first boat, a Dagger Vesper, had a rudder. I didn't deploy it until I was able to paddle in a straight line without aids. Back then, there was the idea that a rudder added drag and though it was a convenience, it was also less efficient. These days, the attitude has switched. The rudder is...
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    Delta 12.10 vs. Boreal Baltic 120

    First, that was your first post so welcome to the forum. I know the logistics to see them both are awkward. But I think it is very important that you sit in the boat to see how it fits you. Like two pairs of pants the same size, made by different manufacturers, they will have a different fit...
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    No Trees, No Problem - Hammock support solutions

    Here is an example of the Solo Pole used as a tree: You are looking at a WarBonnet MiniFly - most people think of a rain fly as just something to keep the rain off. Note that more things fall from the sky besides rain. Also, especially in high desert country, lying in a hammock often means...
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    InReach, Zoleo, SPOT choice

    Kate, IF real-time communication, is not necessary. And IF the Spot has a "by-the-month" pricing plan - usually a yearly activation fee (around $25) and a monthly fee (around $10 - $15), that's a pretty simple way to go. You'll have one device and you setup a Profile for each of the three...
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    InReach discontinued?

    Kate, the PLB is usually for summing help (SOS) and only that. There is no way to communicate what level of help is needed. However, if you also carry a Marine VHF radio, you may be able use that to contact the Coast Guard or other nearby boats without acuating a full Search and Rescue mission...
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    Whidbey Island, north Puget Sound, WA 1–4 July 2022

    Alex, I'm sorry to hear about your binoculars. I was told once not to have anything on the deck when surf launching/landing. I "learned" that twice. Once I was exiting a cave in the Channel Islands. It was a guided event and there were guides stationed inside and outside the "cave", allowing...
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    Safe storage ideas for Vancouver

    If it's a wooden strip boat (or a Mariner), it's probably really pretty and would look good above a fireplace mantle. We almost picked one up at a Port Townsand Wooden Boat Show, with an agreement that it was, after all, "art", but I couldn't fit in the cockpit :(. It had to be practical as well...
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    Leaking Air bag?

    The closed dry bag's action is not as dramatic as a real live Float Bag, but it's not nothin'. Note that some vendors (i.e. Watershed ... or maybe that's Water$hed) make a dry bag with an air tube. I think Sea-to-Summit also has a version. So if you plan your packing such that the bag is...
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    Leaking Air bag?

    SZihn, to each his or her own but for me, there are some things I wouldn't repair; I'd just replace. I absolutely understand there's a "cost" to the environment for throwing things away. But, if I have something that needs to go into a dry bag, I don't want to have a part of my thinking...
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    How likely are whales to overturn you in a kayak?

    There was one popular YouTube video, a while back, of a whale landing on a kayak. Turns out it was a "fraud". Or more to be fair, the people who produced it had a reputation for that kind of creativity for commercial clips. That's to say, they didn't intend to deceive. but just as some people...
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    No Trees, No Problem - Hammock support solutions

    Hey Low Tech! Thanks for jumping over. Folks, Low Tech has wandered over from and has a lot of practical experience finding hammock solutions in treeless areas. If I recall, he has two kayaks and mostly paddles in the desert. Or rather, many of his photos show sparse...