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    Stellar S18R test paddle

    The noodle is useful. Cut in about 1.5 - 2 ft sections, it can be used to stuff in small open spaces to better stabilize a load. More importantly, if you miss the timing on an outgoing tide, you can use two rollers to get your heavily loaded boat back down to the water and look like, "... You...
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    Replacement handheld GPS

    An alternative is to use an iPad Mini or your smartphone. Usually, they present a larger screen. In my case, the iPad doesn't have the cell phone feature so it also doesn't have built-in GPS. I use an external BadElf GPS that BlueTooth connects to the iPad. Because the iPad is for navigation...
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    Life Paddle Partner

    marika726, I recommend solo paddling in small doses. It makes everything more real. There is no, “If I forget something my partner will have it.” If you drop your paddle or let go of your boat, there is no, “My partner will get it for me.” For me, there’s this little anxiety feeling, no matter...
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    Best guide books for Calvert Island up to Klemtu

    I see you are from PNW. Are you planning on jumping the required hoops to get into Canada? As I understand it, the requirements are now: 1) Be vaccinated 2) Have a documented negative test within 72 hours before entry. I don’t know that the return-to-usa requirements are. But those things seem...
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    attn sea touring gurus: pls share your bookmarks!

    Using you can see tide/current predictions for the San Juan Island area. Using the AyeTides app you can see tide/current predictions around Vancouver Island. I’ve read there’s a lot of water on the surface of the planet. Perhaps you could narrow down your “of interest” area.
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    Barracuda kayaks?

    From the photos on their website, they look a little bit like the EddieLine Fathom you were/are considering. Though there are features that are effective in the lab, some of these subtle, or not so subtle characteristics may not come as much into play on open water. For example, I seldom have...
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    A kayak in my not-too-distant future

    SZihn, I am so impressed with your understand and dedication to getting the basics down. Aren’t those “learning experiences” fun :) For me, the value of the practice isn’t so much in perfecting a specific technique - I’m sure you’ve heard that a Plan is what you do until something actually...
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    Strawberry Island, San Juan Islands, WA 4–6 Sept 2021

    Or, or ... you could not tell your party the destination and if you were swept east it's because you wanted to camp at the south end of Cypress. "I meant to do that!"
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    A kayak in my not-too-distant future

    SZihn, sounds like you have the skills - just need the boat. Here’s the link to that Lake Tahoe Fathom LV: With that boat, on long solo tours, the storage might be a challenge (but I’m used to camping...
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    A kayak in my not-too-distant future

    Note that “Like New” Fathom LV in Lake Tahoe for $1900. Joy has never mentioned a problem with her seat … oops, don’t want to make that mistake again … Joy has never mentioned a problem with the Fathom LV’s seat. However when I first started paddling, it was common to experience a little leg...
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    Strawberry Island, San Juan Islands, WA 4–6 Sept 2021

    What attention did you pay to the prevailing currents? I’m curious because on similar trip to Doe Island (further up the road), the kayak club was very strict about reaching a certain point - past a buoy - at a time in the ebb/flow cycle so we’d be pulled north instead of east. So I’m...
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    A kayak in my not-too-distant future

    Now that I’ve actually read your post :) I see what you are asking. The Fathom has an unusual high deck. Remember, almost everything in design is some compromise. So the high deck may interact with the wind a bit more, but it will also give you less splash (dryer ride) and easier entry/exit...
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    A kayak in my not-too-distant future

    SZihn, if you can, try the Fathom LV (Low Volume) and compare it to the standard size. My adventure partner is your heigh, 5’6”, and paddles one. Fit’s her great. You are larger in the legs but she has lots of room. One person told me, “These days they are all good; fit is more important.” But...
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    The wondrous hull

    I can hardly remember the times I’ve had to paddle backwards for any duration. I might go forward to peek at something then a few back strokes to get out; but that’s about it. I look at lack of bulkheads as a feature - mostly. It is so easy to load and because I’m not fitting gear into smaller...
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    Camera or GoPro?

    A note about what PhotoMax said on audio timing. Once a TV network filmed their “Survival of the Fittest” competition (decades ago) at our Smith Rocks climbing area. While there, they had a group of locals stand near a large rock (for sound bounce and echo) and cheer. Then, when the episode was...