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    Barracuda kayaks?

    i have a CD "Danish style" boat with the high foredeck, the use case there is being able to use a surfski style "knees together" position, something that is impossiable for me with my Delphin (with a low foredeck) the high foredeck is not about foot room atall... that said, the CD boat has a...
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    Rate your Ameriican made brands

    my experience: #1 = Stirling anything #2 = CD Prana / Sisu / Karla not a clue about touring boats tho
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    Tie One On

    A friend sent me this piccie of how he got his kayak to the ocean when he lived on a small island in Japan:
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    ISO Sea Kayak skirt- Seals shocker 1.4 or 1.7, medium waist

    was in Brooks workshop in burnaby last week they have alot of stock on hand, hundreds of spray decks the size Eva was after was out of stock, and they made one for her to pickup the next day worth the drive over as they did not answer mutiple calls
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    Advice for first kayak

    i have a Easky17 that i used when i was your weigh (and more), worked well for me at the time longest day in that boat was around 25km, did a few over nighters with it but no trips longer than that been sitting a few years now as i'm down to 200-ish now and it's a bit to big for me perfect for...
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    Kayak similar to Eliza by Necky

    CD's Karla LV might be worth a look
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    Overnight parking near Sechelt

    +1 for P-n-P, great folks we have left our car at the beach / mud flats before, no issues for an overnight we were up in narrows inlet for a week last summer and felt better with the car behind a fence given the length of time we were away
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    Sterling Reflection or CD Karla or...

    i'm 6'1" and 200lbs with size11 boots.. the Karla was wonderful, playful, trustworthy - but we were in flat water (indian arm), seems like it handles much like the SisuLV, but lighter / smaller / and more responsive to small inputs the Delphin i have is the 155 v2, the larger one, in...
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    Sterling Reflection or CD Karla or...

    cost no object, i'd also be calling Sterling... and after a Sisu meets rock moment on Edward King last summer we are taking plastic boats when play'n, the gel coat at the bow just vaporated, and it was not a big hit atall, glad it was the last of 8 days, not day1 i'd be more confident of...
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    We have a set of poggies that have been sitting in a box for years, worth an experment Eva thought... She uses a Weiner bentshaft, she tried poggies yesterday for the first time, and found them not very user friendly.... adjsuting the skeg, something she does without thought turned into a...
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    G'day, New to the Forums

    Deep Cove has a more than a few performance boats in their rental or instructor's fleet, Current Design's Prana / Sisu / Karla in rentals, both standard and LV, Delphin and Romeny sports in the instructor's pile-0-boats, and some surfski style kayaks - i think from Epic, didn't pay much...
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    quick stow/quick draw Greenland paddle storage?

    with the deck rigging on the Sisu i stick one end under the deck lines near the bow, the other end goes under a bungie near the aquarium / day hatch, pretty quick to stow, push forward under bow line, pull back under aquarium line - much like CPS shows, leaves room to pull a boat over a T-rescue
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    Preparing for solo trips

    i have a handy zippered pouch on my Brooks spray deck, keeps a minimal ditch kit at hand there: glasses / power bank for phone / batt for radio / power bars / mirror have flares + pen in my PFD boat repair and first aid kit live in the rear day hatch, might be smart to add a small bottle of...
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    Planning on getting wet this winter, we have light weight beenies and balaclavas for underneath helmets, but are wanting to be as un-cold as possible given we know we are going to get cold.... Looked at NRS storm hood, recommended by Kayak Academy: and MEC has...
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    Preparing for solo trips

    +1 for Deep Cove, easy / safe overnight at twin, then move on to granite falls after you fine tune your gear and boat packing skils SKABC is a Vancouver centric kayak club focused on trips, and offered classes in useful stuff like packing a boat, kayak camping meals, wilderness 1st aid.. but...