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    Kayak similar to Eliza by Necky

    CD's Karla LV might be worth a look
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    Overnight parking near Sechelt

    +1 for P-n-P, great folks we have left our car at the beach / mud flats before, no issues for an overnight we were up in narrows inlet for a week last summer and felt better with the car behind a fence given the length of time we were away
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    Sterling Reflection or CD Karla or...

    i'm 6'1" and 200lbs with size11 boots.. the Karla was wonderful, playful, trustworthy - but we were in flat water (indian arm), seems like it handles much like the SisuLV, but lighter / smaller / and more responsive to small inputs the Delphin i have is the 155 v2, the larger one, in...
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    Sterling Reflection or CD Karla or...

    cost no object, i'd also be calling Sterling... and after a Sisu meets rock moment on Edward King last summer we are taking plastic boats when play'n, the gel coat at the bow just vaporated, and it was not a big hit atall, glad it was the last of 8 days, not day1 i'd be more confident of...
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    We have a set of poggies that have been sitting in a box for years, worth an experment Eva thought... She uses a Weiner bentshaft, she tried poggies yesterday for the first time, and found them not very user friendly.... adjsuting the skeg, something she does without thought turned into a...
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    G'day, New to the Forums

    Deep Cove has a more than a few performance boats in their rental or instructor's fleet, Current Design's Prana / Sisu / Karla in rentals, both standard and LV, Delphin and Romeny sports in the instructor's pile-0-boats, and some surfski style kayaks - i think from Epic, didn't pay much...
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    quick stow/quick draw Greenland paddle storage?

    with the deck rigging on the Sisu i stick one end under the deck lines near the bow, the other end goes under a bungie near the aquarium / day hatch, pretty quick to stow, push forward under bow line, pull back under aquarium line - much like CPS shows, leaves room to pull a boat over a T-rescue
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    Preparing for solo trips

    i have a handy zippered pouch on my Brooks spray deck, keeps a minimal ditch kit at hand there: glasses / power bank for phone / batt for radio / power bars / mirror have flares + pen in my PFD boat repair and first aid kit live in the rear day hatch, might be smart to add a small bottle of...
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    Planning on getting wet this winter, we have light weight beenies and balaclavas for underneath helmets, but are wanting to be as un-cold as possible given we know we are going to get cold.... Looked at NRS storm hood, recommended by Kayak Academy: and MEC has...
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    Preparing for solo trips

    +1 for Deep Cove, easy / safe overnight at twin, then move on to granite falls after you fine tune your gear and boat packing skils SKABC is a Vancouver centric kayak club focused on trips, and offered classes in useful stuff like packing a boat, kayak camping meals, wilderness 1st aid.. but...
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    Deep Cove Kayak Rentals

    they have some pretty good boats like CD's Prana, Sisu, and Karla there currently, as well as a few Delphin's and Romeny Sport's mainly those are all instructors & guides boats, but they will let you book them if you ask.
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    Lessons in Vancouver

    we took Paddle Canada beginner course at the False Creek Comunity Center, instructor was an experienced guide, learned a lot about kayaks, already had experience with mutli day tripping /camping out of a canoe as my base... that was a few years ago, no idea if they still offer it, but was...
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    COVID safe(ish) assisted re-entry techniques?

    i'm thinking of the evening a few years ago heading out for sunset dinner picnic on Twin Islands, a rental kayak fell over near Racoon, and we heard the loud shouting and helped them out.... i would do the same today, even tho i'm fitting in a couple of high risk groups, but i probbaly would try...
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    Sterling Grand Illusion vs. Tiderace Xceed-X

    Eva prolly has the only one around Vancouver it's their "rock gardening" plastic boat, so again prolly nothing like Alex's new boat tho!
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    ocean river sports closeing retail store: