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    Putting on a drysuit - what do you stand on?

    I pull the floor mat out of the car rear seat area and stand on that.
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    Has anyone been in contact with Joe O'Blenis recently?

    I just had to get away from my negative thoughts at that point. Trust me, it was necessary.
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    Has anyone been in contact with Joe O'Blenis recently?

    I can share some experience on this subject. I purchased a paddle set and a few other items from Joe many years ago. Great paddles. Very high quality for a backyard shop; high quality by any standard. I did recommend them to others. I had many email conversations with him in those years and...
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    Don Starkell article

    I live in Starkell's hometown of Winnipeg. A local sea kayak instructor knew Don and said he would never under any circumstances paddle with him. Said he would never think to rescue another in need.
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    Current crop of drysuit offerings...

    Re: DWR. I am also disappointed with the loss of DWR in my 9 year old GMER Meridian. I like to think that Kokatat and their competitors are looking closely at the Columbia Outdry permanent DWR jackets, but who knows if they are? I think the reviews on these jackets reveal that the fabric is...
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    Best VHF marine radio?

    The Standard Horizon flagship models are complicated. My Hx 851 has more features than i can remember how to use. Fortunately I do recall the basic functions when i need them. I do like it, overall. Kp
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    Canoe fatalities in Manitoba

    Agreed. This is my observation as well. I know a few whitewater canoeists who are the exception but in general you are entirely correct. KP Winnipeg, Manitoba
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    Considering a Grand Illusion but could use input from owners

    Re: Considering a Grand Illusion but could use input from ow I already responded in the other forum. I'm 6'2" 220 lbs and own a GI. I would be very surprised if the GI was a good fit for someone 8 inches shorter than me. Mind you, Sterling Donalson can custom fit it by lowering the deck and...
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    Throw bag

    Oh, wait, this the newest version: ... 2533-p.asp KP
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    Throw bag

    I wonder if you are thinking of this one: ... m-57-p.asp kp
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    FOR SALE: Sterling Reflection as-new

    Thanks! That helps a bunch! KP
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    FOR SALE: Sterling Reflection as-new

    Where did you source the helicopter tape? I'm interested in getting some for my new kayak. Can you tell us more about installing it? KP
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    Sunscreen that works, but won't burn your eyes?

    This is the one that works for me. Minimal to no stinging when near my eyes. ... rt/lotion/ This one seems to stay on longer if immersion happening. Also, no stinging that I've experienced. ... es/lotion/ I...
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    SOF Greenland for a large paddler These are not SOF kayaks, but they are Greenland style S&G. When I was reading around the plans and website, there seemed to be a fair bit of scalability based on size and (I believe) weight. Might be worth considering. The designers (Chris Crowhurst and his father) are...
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    Whitewater classes

    Actually no, I used the WW playboats that the WW club uses. I figured they were willing to teach their methods in their environment, so I would learn best in their boats. Then I bought a pair of playboats for my son and myself. I have planned for a couple of years to bring the sea kayak out to...