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    Sea Trial Impressions of a new Lootas, Keel Fin Version

    Is that stern portion of the hull reminiscent of the Broze Mariners?
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    Deception Pass Challenge 2021

    I've never seen a cougar here in North Idaho ... just the tracks.
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    The Pope has a rare antique Inuvialuit kayak

    Was Pope Pius XI a Holy Roller?
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    'Worst SUP tragedy in sport's history' - 4 die, 1 charged with manslaughter

    In the same vein, cats don't do well in wash machines. And I don't mean to trivialize the event, but the design and usage should align reasonably well.
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    cold water and your hands?

    I use pogies with my GP. It does limit the slide stroke. But my pogies fit over the loom and then velcro shut over the loom. I suspect most pogies work that way. My hands stay warm, more so than with mitts.
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    Paddle weight

    The relationship between mass and weight is, in its most simplified form, weight = mass * local gravity The weight changes if local gravity changes e.g. moving to the moon. But the mass stays the same. 'grams' are a unit of mass. So if you take a ~454 gram object on earth, it will weigh close...
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    Paddle weight

    Nootka reports his 'weight' in grams, which is actually 'mass'. I report mine in ounces, which is a 'weight'. The advantage Nootka has is that if he visits some other planet (or the moon), the grams would still be accurate. However, I would need to revise my ounces for each of those other...
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    Paddle weight

    I did not have an even semi-accurate method for weighing my kayak paddles until my wife received a new kitchen scale. I know everyone will find this incredibly exciting, so I'll report a few results: paddle weight (oz.) length (cm.) Aleutian...
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    Billy Davidson Book (Kayak Bill)

    After several delays, the book has finally shipped. Its predicted arrival date is Nov. 8.
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    17.3 Étaín with removable deck pod

    Thanks John. That should do the trick. I'll read a little more from practical sailor, but silicone might be the better choice.
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    17.3 Étaín with removable deck pod

    Water already makes its way between the pod and the dent. I think it still would, using a bolt. Small dangerous creatures might take up residence in that water. I would still want some sort of seal at the top of the pod.
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    17.3 Étaín with removable deck pod

    I have the Valley 17.3 Étaín with the removable deck pod (since discontinued) in front of the cockpit. When the pod is removed the deck has a 'dent' which accommodates the shape of the removable pod. The pod isn't all that secure (essentially held by bungies) and could be jarred loose in rough...
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    Greenland and Aleutian paddles?

    @SZihn, what are the weights of those two Aleutians?
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    SOLD! - Kevlar Mariner Express $3500 CAD

    Thank you to the purchaser, the temptation has been removed.
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    Barracuda kayaks?

    If the boat you pictured were relatively unstable, you could call it "Humpty Dumpty".