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    MSR Dromedary or Dromolite Bags

    One positive effect of losing my keen sense of smell years ago and goes beyond water bag stink! My gain:) , Paddling partners loss :(
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    What's going on w/ my dry suit??

    I used CKS which has good prices and service here in the states. I didn't see the great price they have for NRS wrist and neck seal kits, any members have experience with using NSR replacements for Kokatat suits?
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    What's going on w/ my dry suit??

    Jurfie, Watch the Kokatat wrist ankle video, he mentions to remove the old gasket leaving just a little bit along the edge of the fabric and leaving the gasket that's attached to the fabric. I replaced 3 wrist gaskets this summer and slowed the video down so I could determine how close to cut...
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    Harvey Golden presentation TODAY Oct 20

    thanks for the heads up :)
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    Need advice for being prepared for kayaking in the fog

    So these are screenshots i just took from the Marine Traffic app i use for my job on a daily basis tracking Container Ship arrivals and departures from port operations in Seattle and Tacoma. Your post got me looking closely at the settings and they have added a "my position" feature which could...
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    What's going on w/ my dry suit??

    pawsplus, Over the years i've sent in 2 of my Kokatat drysuits in for gasket replacement and to my surprise was told the gortex had failed... delamination... gortex itself warrants its material and Kokatat asked what color suit i wanted in replacement. In retropect i experienced what your...
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    Advice on Crossing Ferry Lanes?

    One foggy crossing from James Island to Washington Park we were chased down by the "old man in sea" 1+ miles from Washington park and he sternly warned us we were in the ferry lanes. I replied my GPS showed we were 1mile south of the lanes ? He replied that ferries had been known to travel that...
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    Smaller paddler needs advice for making big kayak decisions

    Hockey Girl, once you get the boat you love, consider making and customizing yourself a mini cell seat and backrest to your "bum" There are a lot of seat carvers on this site and others that can take the mystery out of the relatively easy process. Ask anyone who has, it's unlikely they would go...
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    Can you understand this weather forecast?

    That's one tough accent for a west coast native to understand o_O The forecast ritual is always a workout and requires a team effort to start with, i can see why you recorded it. The playback would have been much easier to decifer than waiting for the report to cycle around and in my case...
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    How to kayak into the US (San Juan isles) from BC? (customs border question)

    Hi pointbob, If your location is Point Roberts and your a US citizen i would assume you paddling to the San Juans and camping is no problem, Alex wrote a great piece on this post detailing research of his day trip to Race Rocks. Read some of his other posts on San Juan park openings and who to...
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    Remembering an old friend

    My curiosity was aroused so i googled Nordkapp, interesting...... I had to goggle the phrase "caricature of itself"
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    Sterling Grand Illusion vs. Tiderace Xceed-X

    Alex, I'm 6'2' was 210 lbs, size 11+. I owned an Explorer for 8 years and loved that boat. In 2013 i dropped the Explorer at Sterling's shop for skeg repair in preparation for our upcoming trip and he talked me into taking the G I for a test drive and come back in a week. First day was a calm...
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    COVID safe(ish) assisted re-entry techniques?

    The T- rescue bow to stern pretty much has been the only assisted rescue i have practiced over the years and you are in very close contact with the rescuee. Years ago i spent the day with a group of paddlers and got involved with them using the Hook and Heal assisted rescue and it was a just a...
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    SOLD! - New Kokatat Gore-Tex Expedition Men's Drysuit XL $750

    Seawitch, Is the dry-suit available ?
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    SOLD! - New Kokatat Gore-Tex Expedition Men's Drysuit XL $750

    Seawitch, I'm interested, you can reach me tapping my avatar and using the site conversation feature or email