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    Valley seat lowering

    I know some people want the hard seat so they have butt movement but my foam seat in my strip boat is the most comfortable kayak seat I have used so far. Making one out of 3" minicell foam is not hard (though it might not be as pretty as the Redfish ones) The build site <> had...
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    Looking for first ‘expedition’ kayak

    There are some different schools of thought on boats- some love the Sterlings for sure. Also there are the Brit boats group, for example the NDK boats. If you have the desire to check that out, you can do a paddle with Blue Dog and rent one of theirs. I have a P&H Cetus with the heavy layup that...
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    Gearlab Akiak 230 search

    I bought mine from <> though they had free shipping when I bought it.
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    InReach discontinued?

    It looks like the InReach SE (Yellow one) is disappearing and I wouldn't be surprised if the Explore (Orange one) follows. Those were the original Delorme designed units. The Mini 2 will probably be the low end unit and the expensive InReach+GPS screen units will be higher end.
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    Pygmy Kayak

    Kayak Foundry was pretty useable for playing with designs. I don't know how active Ross has been- it hasn't been updated on the web site for some time but I expect it still works. I had it installed using "Wine" on my Mac and it worked pretty well. Not sure if it will run on a modern Windows...
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    Suggestions for Replacement Perimeter Line

    Usually 4 or 5mm. If you have deck fittings make sure the larger size fits for it. Usually larger diameter is better as it is easier to grip. Polyester cord is UV resistant and less stretchy when wet than nylon. Finding nice colours seems harder than it should be unless you just want black...
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    Silva 70P compass question

    I am a convert to the system that "Blue Dog Dave" showed me- drawn pencil lines on the charts along the magnetic N-S lines (updated from the compass rose direction), and use the protractor above with a string to read off magnetic headings directly. This made much more sense to me than what we...
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    Kyuquot August 23-28, 2021

    If you are doing day trips from the Bunsbys, I would recommend visiting Battle Bay and exploring there- the latest Kimantis book describes some things to look for. I regret not spending more time there on the visit 2 years ago. Also make sure to get in a game of b-ball on Spring:
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    Windy vs. Current Atlas for slack times

    My understanding of the "why" part is that the tide and current tables are derived from measurements so based historical data that are very specific to the station. Overall the tides (and hence tidal currents) are related to the relative motions of the Earth, Moon and Sun (see tidal theory) so...
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    Circumnavigating Saltspring

    Previous thread with photos
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    Wondering about paddling technique versus speed...

    Back in the day (many many days ago) rowing in an eight (and later sculling), we did a lot of work to reduce the stroke rate but increase speed with power on the stroke but slowing the return for recovery. The power came from driving legs and core strength- quite a lot given the bend in the...
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    ISO Sea Kayak skirt- Seals shocker 1.4 or 1.7, medium waist

    Sprayskirts seem particularly difficult to find right now- not sure if Seals is delivering any at the moment. Agree about trying L6. I was at WCK last week and they asked if I needed a skirt when I picked up my kayak there (I didn't) but implies they might have some, or expecting some at least...
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    How To Poop in Canadian Waters

    That looks pretty mid-channel to me. If they did that in the intertidal zone it would be spectacular tho
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    Vancouver Island and Gwaii Haanas, Summer 2016

    I have been out to HG twice (Rose Harbour and SW area). I would recommend calling Moresby Explorers to get a sense of the situation for after July 1 when it reopens. Using them for going in or out (or both) would allow you not to have to paddle the same area twice. Also good to have an option if...
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    Bowron Lakes GPS

    The parks web site <Bowron Lakes Circuit> has kml (Google Earth) files for the campsites and the emergency radio locations on the circuit. If you want them on your GPS you can use a converter to get them into the right format.