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    WTB Solstice GT.

    Solstice GT was my first kayak. Purchased because my very first kayak daytrip was in that model. I later found the GT was near impossible to turn upwind in 15+ knot winds. Power up, initiate with a sweep, put in a cross bow rudder plus the kayak rudder helping…rinse and repeat. No go. The...
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    Safe storage ideas for Vancouver

    Perhaps hide one of these behind the seat. It will make a racket if somebody tries to move the boat. Motion Alarm
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    How likely are whales to overturn you in a kayak?

    This must be while back. Kayakwriter appears to be running a Pacific Action Sail.
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    Indeed, hang it from the rafters. Much like those leather boots, bear trap bindings and wooden skis in the chalet. Excellent car analogy, by the way.
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    Hi. I am Gary and I am a Gearhead. I often cruise the various Buy&Sell sites looking for interesting old and new bits of kit. Every once in a while I run across a relic from a bygone era. No perimeter lines. No bulkheads or floatation. Often damaged, but the vendor thinks it is gold. Here is...
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    Kayak transport, looking for advice

    This just in and located in Saanich on Vancouver Island. Rack for Pickup Truck Posted 19 minutes ago.
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    Kayak transport, looking for advice

    One for a pickup trailer hitch for sale.
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    SOLD! - Valley Nordkapp

    Subtle hint that I should buy this as a guest boat JKA?
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    What could possibly go wrong?

    I saw this one last summer.
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    SOLD! - Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 for sale

    Red. Rotomolded. Skeg. $1900CA In Victoria BC Tempest 165
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    ISO Wilderness Systems Zephyr

    Found one!
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    Fleet Renewal and the Perfect Kayak

    Since I started this, and never listed our current fleet for Jane and I, here it is: Nimbus Telkwa FG yellow Nimbus Telkwa FG red Nimbus Telkwa Sport FG yellow Nimbus Telkwa Sport FG purple/white Wilderness Systems Zephyr 16 rotomolded green Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 rotomolded red It is...
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    Fleet Renewal and the Perfect Kayak

    Solander...more rare than the coveted Telkwa in these parts.