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    Long Video With More Than One Lesson

    This is his reply on FB to a comment on his post with the video: "because I'm a filmmaker not a kayaker. If this situation can gain me exposure as a filmmaker at the expense of my reputation as a kayaker I'd take that opportunity 10 times in a row. I don't care what other kayakers think about...
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    Any fresh water in the Broken Group?

    Benson island was owned by a family that ran a hotel there. They now own Friend Island in the Deer Group. Benson Island was expropriated for the park.
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    Reservations in Broken Group

    There are two ways. First, cross Barkley Sound from either Gibraltar (8km) or Effingham (7 km). We'll do that if conditions are right. Second, paddle through Julia Passage into Barkley Sound. Then, follow the shoreline across Effingham Inlet and Vernon Bay to reach Junction Passage. then, it's...
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    Reservations in Broken Group

    Heading to the BGI and Deer Groups next week. I'm going to book camp spots for the first few nights in the BGI (one tent). We're then heading to the Deer Group (no permits needed). We may head directly back to Secret Beach after the Deer Group or we may need to stop for a night in the BGI. I'm...
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    Camera or GoPro?

    Gopro for me with my T5 as back up. I have an attachment on deck where either one lives, which makes accessing it even in tough conditions easy.
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    Howe Sound sites — wow!!

    I love the idea of rough(er) landings to discourage powerboaters. Bishop Creek on Indian Arm is a good example, though they do land there occasionally.
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    Windy vs. Current Atlas for slack times

    Slack times are best checked on the government's current tables
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    Best weather forecasts for Broken Group?

    Mainly, just watch for winds from the north. Those foretell of storms. Otherwise, the VHF forecasts kind of predict wind, but they're more for Barkley Sound.
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    Broken Islands by canoe

    I don't think a spray deck is needed on a canoe unless you are in big waves that go over the gunwales (and even then, spray skirts don't make that much difference), or it's going to really pour rain, or the weather will be cold. We have a Northwater skirt that we use on some big trips, but not all.
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    Broken Islands by canoe

    I've paddled extensively in the ocean in a Clipper Tripper. On anything but glass, having paddling skills is key. Bow and stern should know how to work as a team, paddle in sync and have strong and efficient forward strokes. The stern should have excellent corrective strokes and both should know...
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    Bowron canoe cart advice

    I might forgo the wheels and carry the canoe. BTW, a fun way to do the chute is to run it with an unloaded canoe. Then, if it was fun, carry the canoe back and do it loaded, or just go back and carry the gear down the portage.
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    Slack tide length

    I understand your concern with current and the answers here should help you start your education. However, for Indian Arm, in summer, paddlers' concerns are more about wind than tide and or current. If the chart does not have any current indication for an area, this usually means that the...
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    Pitt Lake, BC

    The gate is open, but there are no facilities at the launch and the docks may be suspect. Be careful. At high tide (which is very hard to predict), you can paddle across the mud flat. At low tide, you can't. To be safe, follow the marked channel (stay right until the lake bends north, and then...
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    Howe Sound sites — wow!!

    Islet view is a wonderful site. Launching from Porteau cove and then heading south to cross to Anvil, paddling along its south side before crossing to Islet View makes for a pleasant trip. On the return, paddle along Anvil's north side and then head south to shorten the crossing before heading...