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    Howe Sound sites — wow!!

    Islet view is a wonderful site. Launching from Porteau cove and then heading south to cross to Anvil, paddling along its south side before crossing to Islet View makes for a pleasant trip. On the return, paddle along Anvil's north side and then head south to shorten the crossing before heading...
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    Overnight parking near Sechelt

    Lighthouse Marine Pub in Porpoise Bay. Easy put in at a dock or boat ramp. Free parking anywhere on side streets. I've never had any issue with leaving my vehicle here for extended days. It's nine miles to Nine Mile camp. I've attached a photo with the location Here's a link to videos and story...
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    Resident orcas declining. Transient orcas increasing.

    Orcas use echolocation--they know where you are! The real danger to all boaters are humpback whales as they do not use echolocation and when they surface, they can only use their eyes to spot obstructions. These animals get hit by ships and boats often. So, in the land of humpbacks, stay close...
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    Broken Group PERMANENTLY CLOSED during fall/winter/spring

    Bureaucrats making decisions in the absence of data, evidence, and user needs.
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    unplanned swim at Garry Point

    My idiotic comments weren't about the climbing. I climbed for over 20 years, mostly trad, in Squamish, and I don't think they broke any unwritten ethical guidelines wrt to bolting or clipping pre-hung draws. However, Howe Sound, which they crossed from Porteau Cove, is a known afternoon producer...
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    unplanned swim at Garry Point

    This: beautiful and absolutely idiotic. Heuristics strikes again.
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    Broken Group PERMANENTLY CLOSED during fall/winter/spring

    found this It is illegal to camp anywhere in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve without a valid camping permit, including the Broken Group Islands. So, if you need a permit to camp, but you can only get a permit in the summer...
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    A late November Pitt Lake Weekend

    The sand spit between Hamber Island and Turtlehead Point on Indian Arm across from Deep Cove is private based on a very old deed. I spoke to a lawyer about it who explained it to me. I understand it is some type of historical Crown granted waterlot. What's interesting is that when the current...
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    Kayakers "Swallowed" by Humpback Whale ... It does Actually Happen!!!

    Orcas use echolocation as most toothed whales do. Baleen whales (including humpbacks) don't, so they don't know what's around them, hence they get hit by ships more often. In this case, these women actively moved to the area near where the humpbacks were feeding, so, it's their fault, and they...
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    Need advice for being prepared for kayaking in the fog

    I did use my Garmin 64 GPS to navigate in the fog (crossing northbound on Hakai Passage). I used its compass to keep me on course to the Breaker group. This worked well. On another occasion, crossing Blackney Passage (Broughtons) in a fog, I used a paper chart and compass and followed bearings I...
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    Howe Sound from Porteau Cove

    I think you just show up and fill out the form. The parking lot before the railroad tracks is closed (for now?). So that leaves the regular lot. Some spots are for vehicles with trailers. The rest are just open and there are many spots. Most are day use, so I don't expect that they would be full...
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    Howe Sound from Porteau Cove

    Just returned from a beautiful covernighter in Howe Sound from Porteau Cove to Islet View in our canoe. We loved paddling around Anvil Island. Islet View is a wonderfully created site (tent sites, bear box, canoe run, picnic table) with the best smelling and cleanest outhouse. Must be the cedar...
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    Parking Okeover

    At Okeover, take an envelope from the box at the harbourmaster office. Fill in the form inside, insert it and cash into the envelope and place it in the box.
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    Howe Sound/Porteau Cove parking?

    Brittania beach has parking apparently
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    Garmin GPS- Can I change the map display?

    when in that mode, try pressing menu. Then press settings. does that work?