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    How likely are whales to overturn you in a kayak?

    Was that you screaming? ;)
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    Pain or discomfort in the hip area?

    Scott, you haven't stated in detail where this pain is, but even if you did, diagnosis by distance (or Google) is usually flawed. While no doctor or physical therapist, I have had a few aches over the years, some of which were major, most not. If you are able/prepared to seek professional...
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    what's this stroke called?

    I use the sculling pry to push my kayak sideways when landing on a sloping landing ramp. The ramp, or beach, prohibits use of a draw. Works a treat.
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    Tent and sleeping pad on uneven ground

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    Tent and sleeping pad on uneven ground

    Try using spare clothes etc under your pad to level your sleeping spot. It makes a world of difference to the comfort of your sleeping. It took me many, many years to learn this simple trick!
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    Kayak transport, looking for advice

    When I last carried a long double on a short-span roof rack I used an aluminium ladder. I used U bolts to secure the ladder to the vehicle's roof rack bars and then padded that and tied down the kayak. Bow and stern lines are essential in this case. I then drove very conservatory, and checked...
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    Anyone in the international freighting business?

    Thanks for the suggestions folks. I'll dig a little deeper based on them. John, out of interest, what did you bring in?
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    Anyone in the international freighting business?

    Or know someone who could advise on shipping a kayak from Victoria to New Zealand? The web has been less than helpful so I'm reaching out. Cheers John
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    SOLD! - Valley Nordkapp

    Doug, if I could easily ship it out I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
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    SOLD! - Astral Aquavest and Equipment

    +1 Doug, we had a few interesting discussions on 'PaddleWise' back in the day, and we actually met by chance on the street outside Ocean River Sports, on Store Street (is this correct, is that where they were?). I bought a bunch of your gear a few years ago, via Victoria-local Gary Jacek, and...
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    freebie online talk on stoves and provisions for sea kayaking

    Legend, thank you. Watching now.
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    freebie online talk on stoves and provisions for sea kayaking

    Thanks Philip, I'd love to watch this but the time difference makes this not-doable for me. Are they recorded for later viewing? Cheers John
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    Glasses vs. contact lenses

    Great answers, but I have additional questions for the group. I'm currently swapping between x1 hobby glasses for general wear and x 2.75 for reading etc. They are cheap at the supermarket. When paddling I've been using the x1 without sunglasses. When needing to read a map, check camera...
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    SOLD! - Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 for sale

    That's a shame Gary, I would have been happy for you to bring it as carry-on luggage when you and Jane next come over! :) I could do with another one.
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    Looking for first ‘expedition’ kayak

    Amazing trip and video, thanks Philip for bringing this to front of mind.