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    Klemtu Launch

    FYI Just returned from a 3 week trip around Princess Royal. Stagger is correct. The launch was not terrible. We brought 8pc of 4ft 2"x4" to aid in launching and landing. Those came in very handy and are now stowed under the ferry dock for the next kayak party. The biggest...
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    Klemtu Launch

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone has tried an alternative to what looks like a nasty launch under Klemtu's BC ferry ramp. ie. getting a shuttle to Klemtu village and launching from an easier beach? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks Joel
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    Bear Electric Fences?

    Thanks for the info! Bearwatch sell a system with a 0.5J energizer. However, this will eat up batteries very quickly. (8xAA's every 5 days). How does one know what is a sufficient amount of output energy to deter a bear?
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    Bear Electric Fences?

    Hi John Could you please let me know where you found that AN20 is 0.04J Thanks!
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    Bear Electric Fences?

    This is excellent information- Thank you for all the details! I love the carbon arrow solution for lightweight and low cost shafts! Re: energizer I cannot get Sureguard but can get a UDAP alternative (UDAP AN20) It is hard to get all the bits and pieces these days and one option would be...
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    Bear Electric Fences?

    Hi there! Our group of 4 is planning a 20+ day kayak trip on BC's North coast (Princess Royal). What do people do to protect their food? In the past I have hanged food for long trips in and am fully aware what it takes. Has anyone had good experience with lightweight electric...
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    Looking for high angle paddle 210 (Werner Shuna or Equivalent)

    Wanted: Werner Shuna paddle 2 pc, standard size straight shaft, 210 (FG or carbon) Will also consider other high angle paddles. Thanks Joel
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    Wanted - Werner Shuna paddle , 210cm

    Wanted: Werner Shuna paddle 2 pc, straight shaft, 210 Joel
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    Wanted Werner Shuna paddle 210cm

    Wanted: Werner Shuna paddle 2 pc, straight shaft, 210
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    Goose Island - Central coast- Drinking water

    Hi there I am looking for information on drinking water availability on Goose Island (Central coast). I have head an anecdotal report claiming there is water on the west side and another that says that water is brackish and not good for consumption. Any recent information would be greatly...
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    Wanted: Werner Shuna 210

    Wanted: Werner Shuna paddle 2 pc, straight shaft, 210 or adjustable. Thanks Joel
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    Digital charts

    Hi there I was wondering if it is possible to purchase CHC charts in digital (raster) format which will allow printing. At one time one could buy a the charts in PDF format but those were locked to a specific computer and did not allow printing. Essentially that arrangement was intended to be...