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    So, thoughts on the demise of Mountain Equipment Co-op?

    That was my guess, too, reading between the lines of that corporate bafflegab. No surprise, really. Outdoor-related gear is in short supply everywhere, with record profits. So that's no excuse. It's just the usual rapacious corporate takeover behaviour. We must like it.
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    Carrying signal gear requirement

    Isn't that daytime requirement for flares a US-only thing?
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    MSR Dromedary or Dromolite Bags

    About hydration- It's amazing that humans survived before the present era when everybody walks around clutching a water bottle! Fun fact: In a recent ZOOM SISKA session, Gordon Brown stated that for the Molokai race (about 4 hours, Hawaii WX) Oscar Chalupsky took 500mL of water/drink. A backpack...
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    Easter weekend escape to Portland

    Thanks for that link, Alex! :thumbsup::thumbsup: I've used GPSVisualizer for years (for putting GPS tracks on a chart or map) but had never explored the 'Draw'/Sandbox pages.
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    Easter weekend escape to Portland

    I think the idea of 'Cost Recovery' is another gift from our 'friends' to the South, not from Britain. It's pretty recent - I can remember when it started in Canada. And folks have pointed out in posts here at WCP that in countries like New Zealand and Australia which are even more wedded to...
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    Easter weekend escape to Portland

    Thanks, Nootka. Note to readers/viewers: NO, you are not going blind. NO, your glasses don't need cleaning. "We make it blurry on purpose" from your government bureaucrats.
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    Easter weekend escape to Portland

    Provincial government did this too - ex. : Wallace Island In summer the Gulf Islands campsites are plagued with over-attentive (NB: Attentions do not extend to the toilets) and over-officious young Parks Canada staff who will likely take a dim view of any hammock that isn't hung directly above...
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    Replacing footpeg rail stud

    Paddling around Alaska is still one of those 'ultimate challenges', I think.
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    Replacing footpeg rail stud

    Stress holes?? What's that? You've said your boats are just painted plywood without epoxy or glass, it's probably best to minimize the number of through-holes. Even in wood-core glass boats, it's a good idea to 'line' any holes with epoxy, which can be tedious work. You don't use commercial...
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    Easter weekend escape to Portland

    That makes sense. In the past they have not allowed parking, even if folks were willing to pay for it. But the policy seems to vary year by year, so best to check, as you suggest.
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    Replacing footpeg rail stud

    I like thru-bolts for mounting footpeg rails. They are simple, and if you want to remove the footpeg rails to use a bulkhead footboard, it's easy to plug the holes. Also, if you are paddling up to a capsized kayak, it's easy to tell which end is the bow, by looking for those machine screw heads...
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    Easter weekend escape to Portland

    You parked at Canoe Cove? Was that conditional on renting boats from Pacifica or is it available for 'anybody'?
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    Another "What were they thinking?" example - Valley skeg control box

    It's the season for skeg tubes! :) Another friend, another skeg tube pushed out of the slider control.... This boat was a SKUK Echo. No resin and fiberglass covering the slider box and its connections - somebody was thinking about possible repairs. The owner took the boat up to Blue Dog (local...
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    Field Repair Kit

    In a group of competent paddlers, it can be an advantage if each repair kit is a bit different. The 'group resources' will be more likely to have a solution to a problem than any individual kit can cover. Gasket repair (with pieces of latex gasket and glue, or spare gaskets and a way to install...
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    $1900 CAD, but still a good deal since the Epic paddle + Werner glass paddle (Lengths?) are included. Foam seat?