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    Tofino to White Rock 2021

    Oh, I know you can fly in. That’s why I asked if it was different for boaters, because I didn’t know. I thought I’d mention it in the offchance you hadn’t heard about the extension and assumed the border was open. Safe paddling!
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    Tofino to White Rock 2021

    How are you landing on Matia with the border closure extended to September 21? Or are boating rules different?
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    New Level Six Cronos Drysuit

    LOL! I can relate to drysuit seems to have shrunk these days.
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    Howe Sound sites — wow!!

    Great job and a heartfelt thank-you to everyone involved! :thumbsup:
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    Mr. Floatie

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    unplanned swim at Garry Point

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    unplanned swim at Garry Point

    Back when I was young and stupid, a buddy and I took his zodiac out around that area. We ran out of gas and had to paddle (we had one oar) back to shore; that alone was a lesson in currents for me! And also to check how much gas you have before venturing out. :p I’m glad this SOT paddler‘s...
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    Any GAIA GPS Users? Nautical Charts for Canada?

    That HitCase looks awesome! However the Pro case for the iPhone 11 Pro is sold out. I’ve emailed them to see if/when they will be available again. Thanks for sharing. I use the GAIA app for offroad exploration, so it would be great if I could also use it for paddling.
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    Broken Group PERMANENTLY CLOSED during fall/winter/spring

    Sounds like they are worried about people getting themselves into trouble in the off-season. Not really different than back country hiking and camping in the winter though; be prepared and ready to wait for help if you need it and be willing to take the risk of encountering severe weather. Sell...
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    A late November Pitt Lake Weekend

    Yeah, we've heard *that* before... :p ;)
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    Barricaded Trails/Roads to Public Lakes or Rivers

    That's a good point as well. I'm sure the argument is that those commercial kayak companies are contributing to the tourist industry, therefore contributing more to the local economy; less so do we as lowly taxpayers (they already *have* our money, so this is a way to get some more out of the...
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    Barricaded Trails/Roads to Public Lakes or Rivers

    Very interesting, indeed. I would have thought changes in water levels over private property would result in eminent domain as the lake bed is Crown Land. Also, altering a fish bearing watercourse or lake is a big no-no in BC without approval from the Ministry of the Environment and...
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    How do you COVID paddle?

    I paddle solo and COVID social distancing has been easy for me because I have no friends! :D:cool:
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    SOLD! - $450 Novorca Carbon Greenland Paddle - New

    And you were right! If only I'd seen the post earlier, but that's on me for being too slow! :cry::p