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    Dual control?

    ...and which paddler has control of the switching? :rolleyes:
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    So, thoughts on the demise of Mountain Equipment Co-op?

    "Sold by MEC, Fulfilled by amazon"
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    Inflatable Kayak Buying Advice

    Here's a Sea Eagle for sale in Comox. Maybe they would ship to Ontario...
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    SOLD! - Older Nimbus Solander for sale - could use some work

    Posting for a friend... ...a classic Nimbus Solander that could use a bit of work (or not) Hull is in pretty good shape. Gelcoat was professionally touched up along the keel line 2 years ago. Rear bulkhead and hatch (neoprene over fibreglass) also in good shape. Rudder is pretty basic with...
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    Stellar 16 for sale on FB (not mine)

    Ski and Surf store is closing but I heard that Kevin may still be bringing in some boats etc.
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    Portage system suggestions?

    I watched a woman at the marina ramp last week load her kayak onto a small cart. She then put on a backpack type waist belt and hooked herself to the bow toggle with a biner. Hands free up the hill to (I assume) one of the neighbourhood stratas.
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    SISKA on Zoom - wind prediction and satellite comms.

    A couple of Zoom sessions being hosted by SISKA April 8 and 15. They asked that it be distributed to other clubs and organizations. Here is the info about them (these are links to the MailChimp mailout but they provide details and Zoom links)...
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    Ikea Rensare Dry Bag

    I haven't seen them but while they may work initially I'd be concerned about the durability, especially at the corners.
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    The Psychology of Solo Tripping

    Last evening our paddle club enjoyed a Zoom presentation by Justine Curgenven. She has solo paddled for years and in some epic locations. It might be worth contacting her through her website
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    added a UV flashlight to my field repair kit

    Do the patches have a specified shelf life?
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    Storage Bag for Kayak

    I'd probably be buying the largest size available and sewing a piece of fabric in the middle to make it longer. Something polyester for UV resistance. Sunbrella might be too heavy. I've bought from these guys or there is the outdoor fabric place (Jeune Bros) in downtown Victoria...
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    Passat G3 Hull Gel Coat

    My friend had the bottom gelcoat on her 30 year old Nimbus done a couple of years ago by one of the boat places here in The Valley. I can check which one tonight. The whites don't exactly match but it seems to be holding up OK and it's mainly along the keel line. Or you could check with...
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    Paddle grip treatments?

    For even more grip you could twist the tape hockey stick style. After dismissing this for years I finally tried it on some mallets and it works great. Maybe overkill for a paddle?
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    Paddle grip treatments?

    It stayed where it was put.