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    aluminum sectional double 1944

    "a folding German-made kayak"... A Klepper I imagine?
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    Stellar S18R test paddle

    A short chunk of cedar 2X2 will provide a smooth dragging surface.
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    Feathercraft K1 Price reduced, from $5500.00 to $4500.00 .

    The poster hasn't been active on this site since 2012. You might try calling the number shown to inquire.
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    Tofino to White Rock 2021

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    Electric bilge pump users?

    I've long thought it would be great to have an electric pump/battery assembly that incorporated some of the advantages of a manual pump, those being portability and lack of a thru-deck fitting. After capsize recovery but before removing stability aid (paddle float or second paddler) stick the...
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    3 kayakers rescued in Burrard inlet Apr 4 2021

    How's the "monetizing" part working out for you Alex? :rolleyes:
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    torso rotation

    On the very first multi-day kayak trip I took (back in the mid 80's, on Lake Huron) the guide told us to "show our chest to the shore every stroke". She was a competitive paddler and nordic skier and her words stuck with me. I pass them on when I see beginners using their arms excessively.
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    Pyranha Everest 12'-9"?

    Seals lists the Pyranha Everest in their sizing chart so provided retailers have stock you should be all set.
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    Necky Thigh braces?

    I'd probably try the heat-and-bend suggestion and if it doesn't work then make or buy replacements. Nothing to lose really as the current form isn't working for you.
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    Expired Flares???

    The chemical engineer (ret'd) in me thinks they could be cut open in several places and left to soak submersed in water for a few weeks. Then the ammonium nitrate (or similar, whatever supplies the oxygen) should be dissolved out of the mix, rendering them inert.
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    Hope Island getaway

    Moon snail egg casings.
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    Wondering about paddling technique versus speed...

    I used to paddle with a guy that used that "glide" phase in his stroke, but he only did it on one side. Tried it. Couldn't get the hang of it. Never did ask him why he did it, or even if he was conscious of doing it.
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    If you could have one of these three?

    I don't know any of these boats but the above is a pretty strong endorsement. That would go a long way to break me out of my analysis paralysis.
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    Necky Looksha iv HV

    Adding no value whatsoever.... Many years ago I heard that Mike Neckar was a big guy and so tended to design big boats with big cockpits. Whenever I think Necky, I think of big boats. But have no solid basis for doing so.