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    Defeat the seat: repairing my Valley seatback

    Yup, it is to me as an adult what popsicle sticks, paste and pipercleaners were to my childhood self!
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    Defeat the seat: repairing my Valley seatback

    So while back, my Valley seat cracked on one side where the backband strap screws into the seat frame side. I could have ordered a new seat online, but I was concerned I'd just be replacing that again down the road, so I'm experimenting with a repair that makes a hybrid seat bottom/minicell...
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    next online VHF course October 5, 2021

    Hey all, The next online course I'm teaching for marine VHF is October 5. Getting your ROC (M) lets you use your VHF legally and effectively - handy for kayakers or any other mariners.
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    Hotham Sound Campsite Information Needed

    Thanks Mick - that's super helpful!
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    This may be of interest to some

    I've used the paddle swim when I've blown my roll during practice just off the beach. If I can't bothered setting up a solo re-entry, I push the boat towards the shore, let the wind and/or waves take it the rest of the way, and paddle-swim behind/beside it.
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    Paddleboarders in trouble in English Bay

    At the moment, I don't know. My company doesn't run SUP classes/tours out of Jericho. I may be able to get more beta when I'm at JSA today.
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    Paddleboarders in trouble in English Bay So it was paddleboarders, but it could just as easily have been kayakers. I think that it's something of the same mindset that gets skiers and hikers in trouble on the North Shore mountains, "If I can see the...
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    The wondrous hull

    They're outlier situations, but when I'm the only guide on day tours, I often spend at least half the tour (so an hour or more) paddling backwards so I can lead the way while also keeping an eye on my herd of aquatic cats. Fortunately my Valley Etain does that quite well.
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    3 kayakers rescued in Burrard inlet Apr 4 2021

    "We lose money on every sale, but make it up on volume!"
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    3 kayakers rescued in Burrard inlet Apr 4 2021

    Hi Aisha, So it seems from your site that you're very passionate about kayaking. But, with respect, the information you offer there is largely unclear, incomplete or unsupported. For example: can you cite any sources for your claim in the graphic above about 72% percent of accidents being...
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    Current Designs Solstice ST rudder cable replacement

    I was recently helping a buddy who had the same problems mentioned above with threading a new rudder cable through his old CD boat - it kept hanging up just behind the cockpit. In the end he had to use a Dremel to grind out access to the snag, then glass over the access hole.
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    Online VHF course, August 24, 2021

    It's valid for life. (I originally got mine back in the mid 90s and technically didn't need to renew it. But the technology changed massively with the introduction of DSC (Digital Selective Calling), so I re-certed, and got hooked enough to become an instructor.) We've had several American...
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    Online VHF course, August 24, 2021

    Because the topic's come up in another thread, and because JBK always gets lots of inquiries about when the next course is:
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    sea kayaking course choice?

    Interest to declare: I work for Jericho Beach Kayak and teach some of these courses. JBK offers a "Complete Series", which is the Paddle Canada Beginner and Level 1 courses combined. Next series starts on August 11.