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    "Bizarre . . . " - Log intentionally dropped onto 2 Paddlers - Nanaimo

    I'm not even an internet lawyer, but surely that rises to the level of attempted murder?
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    San Juan Island to Portland/Rum/Sidney/D'Arcy

    Wow! I've been to Rum several times and had no idea this existed. A good excuse to go there again soon.
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    Valley kayak for sale

    Also a location...
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    Nimbus Seafarer year ID?

    Hi Cas, So you can find a thread here about how hull numbers/year of manufacture generally work. But it looks like Nimbus had their own system. Probably best to contact them directly to confirm, but my guess would be the same as yours: 1993
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    How likely are whales to overturn you in a kayak?

    The other Philip weighs in. Pretty much what Philip K said. I've had whales surfacing pretty close to me several times over the years, and they seem to be pretty aware of my presence. Even when, as in the clip below, they're moving pretty fast and exuberantly. (You can hear me exclaiming and...
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    SOLD! - Valley Nordkapp

    I hear you. I'm aging out of multi-week, high-mileage solo voyages. But I'm consoled partially by amazing memories: hearing wolves howl a couple of hundred metres from my tent, whales surfacing close enough to have touched with my paddle, sunsets over the unblocked horizon of the Pacific, remote...
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    Shoes news

    Honestly, in an era when a quality pair of dayhikers is $100 plus, that doesn't seem unreasonable.
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    kitchen accessory as kayak hatch accessory

    I've been using this little trick for a couple of years and finally remembered to post about it. I carry a little silicone-bristled basting brush in the deck hatch of my skeg boat. The bristles are good for flicking away the sand and grit that accumulate on the hatch-to-coaming contact...
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    Best tandem kayak rudder options.

    Just adding my anecdata experience with rudders here. I used sails on my previous and current rudder kayaks, so I'm using the rudder to hold a course, with constant subtle corrections while underway. On both boats, I've fitted the SmartTrack rudder system. It does have the disadvantage of only...
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    So I'm not a lawyer - I don't even play one on the internet. But to me there's a lower duty of care for a private seller of used gear than a retailer or original manufacturer. As a parallel, I drive a 20 year old Subaru I bought used. It has ABS, which didn't used to be standard on cars, and...
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    Shoes news

    So I was a big fan of the older-model Keen amphibious sandals as summer kayaking footwear. Sadly, all of their newer models are open at the lower heel back. Great for draining out water and grit, I'm sure. But for someone like me, who has to insert a 1/2 inch lift in one shoe (to offset legs of...
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    Triangle Island, Cape Scott, BC 16–21 June 2022

    That is one awesome trip. I did a trip round Cape Scott decades ago and was wondering if getting to Triangle was even possible in kayak. I've aged out of it being a possibility for me, but glad others are picking up the torch!
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    commercial postings, also Online VHF courses May 3, May 28, June 25

    Just bumping the thread to remind folks about the June 25 ROC (M) course. Slots still available.
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    Kayak transport, looking for advice

    So Yamika's Long Arm hitch accessory is made for trucks, but I wonder if it could be used on cars to extend the effective distance between the crossbars. You'd need to get a trailer hitch fitted. And to check the load rating...