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    Ruminating over Rum (the Island)

    Wow, quite the tale. I can relate. My last few camping trips in the Gulf Islands have been shall we say, less than relaxing. Last summer, I went to Prevost mid week. I thought I had picked a quiet location, at a quiet time. I couldn't have been more wrong. Not an hour after I had set up camp...
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    New wood burning stove

    I picked up the BioLite a couple of weeks ago, and tested it out yesterday. Fun little stove... it does a very good job of burning little sticks, as advertised. In fact, it burns through sticks so darn well, that it is a nearly sisyphian task to keep it going! I burned through half the beach...
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    They only look refined and elegant...

    According to the article, the swan would not let him swim to shore. Am I missing something here? How does a stupid bird prevent a grown man from doing anything? He should have grabbed hold of it with both hands, and used it as a flotation aid. Like an avian kickboard :p As far as defending...
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    Is West Coast Paddler 'Lurker Central'?

    A lot of Canucks on this site, myself included. We tend to be a quiet bunch.
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    modifications to your kayak

    Actually, the beauty of the foot bar, is that you can stretch your legs. You just point your toes, and slide your feet under it. My old Nordkapp HM had a foot bar, and I did this all the time.
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    modifications to your kayak

    You get more options for where you can plant your feet. For me, I find that using the standard foot pegs, often puts just the slightest bend in to my ankles. Like I was walking on the sides of my feet. Not as extreme as that, but bent in that direction. I have always wished that the foot pegs...
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    What did I see?

    Good lord, look at the size of that thing!!! That swan will be in my nightmares.
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    Two reasons; the second reason only applies to gentlemen 1) It makes you look like a bad ass 2) You have something to hook your sprayskirt loop on to when you take a wee
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    modifications to your kayak

    I'd post some, but I lost my hardrive a couple months back...didn't backup :roll: (I know, I know!) Anyway, I found this great idea using plumbers pipe for a foot bar the other day, I'm going to try it. ... 1133129462
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    modifications to your kayak

    Wow, I am drooling over that Avocet LV...all that kevlar/carbon weave, sparkle finish, custom cockpit outifitting, carbon fiber and custom graphics....that is one pimped ride!
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    What's 'local'?

    Local for me, is something produced on planet Earth. Like greg0rn says, we live in a global village. My only consideration when buying something, is how well does this product meet my needs? If I can buy something local, great! Less hassle for me. But, I don't feel anything resembling guilt...
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    "This is the Roll"

    Rolling is the easiest thing in the world....Once you learn how to do it. It is about as hard as getting up out of a chair. Less effort, even. Especially with a greenland paddle. It doesn't make much difference how much gear is in the boat. Heck, you can even roll a canoe if you can keep...
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    What did I see?

    Sea lions....yikes. I'll never forget my first up close encounter with a sea lion in the Broken Group. I was paddling along, minding my own business, when out of nowhere; a sea lion surfaced and charged me. It was all snorts, growls and snapping teeth. It make quite the wake, and moved like...
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    Boat buying advice sought

    You are describing the Tiderace Xcite, the latest, greatest and most evolved skeg boat design in production, IMO. Equally awesome for beginners and experts alike. It's also the best build kayak I've ever seen, hands down. It's basically the new Explorer, and it will kick the Explorers ass in...