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    Camp Stove Fuel Consumption

    We just did 17 days with two of us using a single MSR Dragonfly. This trip was rather leisurely; we only moved camp a handful of times, which meant we had more time for leisurely breakfasts, warm lunches and gourmet dinners - so we ended up using more fuel than we usually do. Breakfasts (for...
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    Silly Things I Have Done In a Kayak

    Sounds like fun - see you on the 23rd!
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    2015 WCP Spring Campout - NEW DATE!

    Re: 2015 WCP Spring Campout Four of us made it out, but it seems there is enough interest (among those who bailed because of a bit of rain!) to have a second event in June. ;-)
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    2015 WCP Spring Campout - NEW DATE!

    Re: 2015 WCP Spring Campout It's beautiful out here! Sunny and calm this morning and the only bit of rain we got was in the middle of the night on Friday pm. Only a few raccoons - nothing like years previous. I'm guessing maybe Parks Canada arranged a quiet cull. The biologists are here but...
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    2015 WCP Spring Campout - NEW DATE!

    Re: 2015 WCP Spring Campout What are we, chopped liver?! Oh well, more yummy home-smoked sockeye salmon for us! Hope Mike and Scott are able to come out for a day paddle... (and anyone else who wants to)!
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    2015 WCP Spring Campout - NEW DATE!

    Re: 2015 WCP Spring Campout At most, the currents in John's Passage (where you're describing) can make for an energetic paddle but nothing too nutty. I haven't looked at tide or current tables for the area but some time just after slack tide you should be fine. Note that slack tide doesn't...
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    2015 WCP Spring Campout - NEW DATE!

    Re: 2015 WCP Spring Campout We're just looking over maps and stuff, tentatively planning a Friday afternoon arrival from somewhere in the Arthritis Ridge area (south-east of Duncan). We haven't done a trip yet this year - not even a day paddle - but if the weather is good we'll probably be...
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    World Champ Oscar Chalupsky teaching in Victoria!

    That looks like a great event! Thanks for posting this, Alex!
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    Tsawwassen to Victoria...

    Done this twice. The first time was a solo, 2 day crossing from Swartz Bay to White Rock beach with an overnight stay on Cabbage Island (off Saturna). Day 1 was pleasant, easy and uneventful; day two was delayed to an early afternoon start after an unforecasted very windy night and morning. I...
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    Replace Foot Pegs With Bulkhead

    I know I'm a little late to the party on this post... but I've done this on two boats, my NDK Explorer and then on my NDK Romany. Both worked great, although I wish I'd given myself a tiny bit more room in the Romany. I made the new bulkheads myself from numerous layers of glass cloth, after...
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    misc. paddling and camping equipment for sale

    PM sent re: MSR fuel bottle. If anyone is thinking twice about picking up any of Greg's used gear, put your fears aside - I can attest that he is exceptionally careful with his gear and you will likely be buying equipment that looks and performs as well as, if not better than, new!
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    Fair Harbour Marina

    The 'marina' office is not much more than a double-wide trailer that serves as an office, hardware/tackle shop, and home for the native family that runs it. In the summer there's a fair amount of activity between boats and trailers moving around, loading and unloading, but this time of year I...
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    $1,000 · Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160 Fishing Kayak

    For anyone considering getting a kayak specifically for fishing, this is a great boat. I won a Tarpon 120 last year, and although it doesn't compare to a sea kayak for speed and general paddling, it's unbeatable if you ever want to go out fishing (I would expect this 160 to be much faster than...
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    Sea Lion Bitten Anyone?

    I recently saw a little snipit on a local community channel that showed divers and some of the local areas they explore. Their underwater footage showed sea lions playing around with the divers, swallowing their (exhaled) air bubbles etc. They were described as the divers as curious, and not at...