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    Pygmy Osprey Double questions

    Let's steer [!] this discussion back to what Kault might need or want to know rather than asides to support/fight our [my!] various particular prejudices. For his purposes, my guess is that gas pedals will be the easiest to add if he wishes both ckpts to have control at times. . . it could be...
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    Field work by kayak on Kodiak Island's south end

    spec-tac-ular Philip! If any archeological report or summary gets written up on this, let us know. Wow, the bears! Wow the bear [seal, sea lion?] skulls! Wow the deer! Wow the mastodon tusk! Wow, wow, wow.
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    Pygmy Osprey Double questions

    here's an actual commercial one from lettman: My aesthetic prejudice is against exposed shiny [or corroded, or whatever] bolt heads, and my structural prejudice is against allowing the huge cantilevered force that I'd...
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    Dual control?

    it really is an undeveloped small step up from the ordinary foot pedal of the time. The full step is hinged so there is no place that doesn't articulate. I remember at the time thinking that all they had to do was add a fixed lower pc and keep the articulated upper rudder actuator and then...
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    'Guide-approved' tips for launching kayak in rough conditions

    well, stern/bow on the shore is nfg as stability is always negative, but paddle outrigger is a great tool in the quiver - in rocky situations there often ain't no bottom to stand on.
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    Dual control?

    Based on the interesting Seaward alum semi-gas pedal controls at the time: the simple scenario would be:
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    Pygmy Osprey Double questions

    yup, scrap cardboard or thin sticks [stirstick, popsicle stick, scrap stick] 1/2" wide x whatever length cut across the end at an angle and that sharp angle end just touching the panel joints. And just simply glued to the face of the irregular flat cardboard - irregular 'cause why waste time...
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    Pygmy Osprey Double questions

    2) bulkheads will be a snap: at the location you want, sparingly hot glue 4 or 5 of vertical wood tabs all around and hot glue a irregular shaped corrugated cardboard shape that fills the interior as best you can. Then just glue [hot or white] long darts all around the shape reaching out and...
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    Looking for an Osprey Double

    amazing find on the topic, John!
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    some Stitch and Glue Designs

    A few more [most already seen] to throw down on this list: Sealpup – a towable 4’-0” x 1’-1” gear pod: Waveseaski: a 9’-0” x 2’-2” waveski with just a little storage ability: Sedulous – a schematic of a 20’-6” x 30” 3 over 4 strake double: Injection – a 6’-1” x 2’-2” pool playboat:
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    Licenses for paddling Canoes, Kayaks, & SUPs proposed - WA state bill?

    Well, I must admit that I have been completely, totally, unbelievably astonished at the cavalier response to the 10s of thousands of deaths here and 100s of thousands of deaths in the US just for the inconvenience of a border, travel restriction, work restriction or mask compared to the seeming...
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    lexel for skeg leak?

    I wouldn't be so sure or so hasty . . . they sorta look to me like those alien forbidding presences that suddenly appeared in the deserts all over the world and in the movie 2001. So maybe the best thing is to leave them there and submit periodic offerings of gratitude, food, drink, and...
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    lexel for skeg leak?

    Don't forget that the housing is under repeated tension with the tubing in order for the skeg to be deployed - the cable and the housing are 2 necessary opposing parts of the deploy duopoly. That repeated stress as well as the cable orientation change causes repeated working against the...
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    SOLD! - FOR SALE: Essentially all the gear that you need except the boat!

    we'll miss your enthusiasm out there on the water, but there are many ways to breathe - good luck and smell the flowers. -mick
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    Howe Sound Webcam