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    We invite feedback

    For a couple of years now, we at BCMT have been accepting submissions from paddlers (and sometimes from others) that were originally intended to be "Site Condition Reports" i.e. what garbage needs cleaning up? or what essential work needs to be done here? but the range of questions/issues has...
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    InReach discontinued?

    Re: SPOT Isn't the monthly plan a sham (at least for Cdn customers) because one must commit to an annual fee for service even though payments are broken down into smaller monthly amounts? I stopped using mine mainly for this reason and now just carry a PLB.
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    A weekend trip around Saltspring island

    Nice report- thanks. I think the beach access at Wellbury Bay is ok but I've never used it solo - that's a bigger challenge for sure. Even with 2 paddlers, it is awkward when handling a 6 m tandem boat. You don't say where you camped that night - presumably because it was an unsanctioned land...
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    Trips Around Malcolm Island, Haddington Island, & Cormorant Island

    Thank you! We at BC Marine Trails had figured that no site would be feasible on Haddington Island because it is 100% privately owned, but the decent beach on its W shore could perhaps be shown on the map as 'Day Use' or even 'Emergency Pullout' - a designation for a good landing on a public...
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    Kayaker Missing off Everett WA

    Overall I'm a little surprised that PLBs are not more popular among kayakers and other paddlers, as they are for crew on much larger and more capable sailboats. (Mandatory for many orgazized events.) I carry one on on my PFD. for me, it is a backup. I'd use the VHF radio first. PLBs are...
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    Sites disappearing from BCMT map

    That's correct. Burns me up... but don't get me started. I do this for fun...
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    large area of Young Point, Lasqueti Is - saved by BC Parks Fund

    This parcel is ideal for an overnight paddlers' haven when crossing the Strait, so when SKABC contributed to its purchase, we made just that point to the BC Parks Foundation who were raising the funds. Their reply however suggests (once again) that this is not going to be so easy: "We have had...
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    Summer 2021 Clayoquot Sound paddling

    Perhaps so. What alternative and more effective course of action do you propose?
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    Summer 2021 Clayoquot Sound paddling

    Do WCP members have experience of paddling in the area of Vargas I after the announcement by the Ahousaht First Nation that a $15/day 'voluntary' user fee be imposed, along with access changes to some sites? I'm both curious and concerned about a possible bad precedent having being set after...
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    Sites disappearing from BCMT map

    An ongoing issue with the BCMT map is that we (BCMT Board and Trails Dev Cttee) will display only sites that have been well checked. We used to call this 'groundproofing' but rather than invent a new term, we now call it site assessment. There is an online form for this purpose. Photos are an...
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    Campsites at Nootka Island, Louie Bay area

    Absolutely. At one time I posted lists here on WCP, but got v little uptake, so I got out of the habit. This Spring, we concentrated on advising paddlers about sites needing assessment from Campbell R to Pt Hardy but used clubs and our web site to promote this. I'm happy to provide info if a...
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    Campsites at Nootka Island, Louie Bay area

    BCMT's map does not show Louie Bay because, while we have some information, no-one has yet performed a Site Assessment there. This is useful step to confirm the site's location and features with photos to illustrate/document the same. BCMT's Trails Dev Cttee decided a while back that we'd...
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    Howe Sound sites — wow!!

    Thks for the kind words. This would have been impossible without SKABC's selfless (almost) commitment to public rec and their windfall funds plus their several fundraisers. Support your local club. They really do support your sport. Shame on those that do not. I and maybe Steve could be looking...
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    Radio left on beach Rowley Reefs

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    Family new to paddling

    Joining a club would make sense. There is a lot to learn. Much depends on your own judgment, so gaining experience is needed in a safe, efficient manner. Many clubs offer useful training, but some might not be comfortable or permit taking a small child on a trip. Still, club day or overnight...