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  1. Oldpro

    Building the Mystic River Tandem Canoe

    You look extremely well protected and prepared for working with wood and epoxy. Have you thought about using that get-up to go Trick-or-Treating?
  2. Oldpro

    Hullivator 898

    I've been using my Hullavator since 2004 and found it entirely satisfactory. Thule made bars that fit the Subaru Forester. Five years ago when I bought the Subaru Baja there was no clamp combination that fit, so I had to go to round Yakima bars. It works, but clamping to a round bar isn't as...
  3. Oldpro

    greenland paddle tip cover/protection.

    I wonder if one could dip the tip into Plasti-Dip and build up a resilient coating. I dipped my paddle tips into epoxy resin for waterproofing and they've held up well.
  4. Oldpro

    Dave Kruger is gone

    Organic chemistry was a necessary hurdle in the career path I chose. I stumbled badly; perhaps if he'd been a mentor, I'd still be in the midwest practicing dentistry. Instead my career took me to the shores of Chesapeake Bay and then to Puget Sound. I discovered a love of building and paddling...
  5. Oldpro


    Very, very nicely done! You certainly can be proud of how this boat turned out. Every stroke you take, you can think "I built this!" And think of the other boaters and people ashore watching you. You're adding to their enjoyment of gazing out on the water.
  6. Oldpro


    As I sit and wait for public launch facilities to reopen, I've thought about a statement I made earlier about the accent stripe not needing protection by varnish. I made my way out to the multipurpose room (garage) where my unlaunched boat is stored and waiting just to check whether or not I did...
  7. Oldpro


    I've been reasonably successful rolling on the varnish with a short nap roller and then tipping off with a 2" wide foam brush. Just lightly carress the varnish surface; don't try to move it around. As soon as the varnish is spread out on the surface, the vehicle begins evaporating, the residue...
  8. Oldpro


    I've used an automotive trim tape (can't remember the brand; last roll I bought was 13 years ago). It's also used to trim fiberglass boats and it stands up extremely well to UV, salt and fresh water. It's available in a variety of widths and colors, and comes (came) in a 50' foot roll. Enough...
  9. Oldpro


    I usually apply three coats of varnish along the sheer and then place the colored tape. I then apply coat after coat of varnish to the deck and the hull (not over the tape) to use up the whole can. I've found that trying to save Flagship varnish can lead to a color change over time. The vinyl...
  10. Oldpro


    I've always laid a strip of vinyl tape over that area to accent the sheer line. The color matches the cockpit rim as a nice finishing detail.
  11. Oldpro


    I used Flagship on all three of my boats. Probably didn't need the ultimate in UV protection when I lived on Puget Sound, but here in New Mexico I surely do. Now if the recreational boating sites would open up, I could actually do some paddling....
  12. Oldpro

    Launching & beaching a beautiful Osprey?

    Of course, that's "rapidly" but as long as this darn algae bloom lasts, I'm getting more and more rabid...
  13. Oldpro

    Launching & beaching a beautiful Osprey?

    I've found that floating the boat in shallow water, straddling it, and kind of falling/sitting rabidly into it has usually worked for me. As soon as the current toxic bloom on my nearest boatable lake disappears (Lord; please make that soon!) disappears, I'll give the Patricia Jane her first...
  14. Oldpro

    Building my Osprey

    Well, she's finished! Loaded her on the Hullavator just to do required adjustments and re-familiarize myself with all the tiedown rigging (It's been 6 years since I've done this) and drove around to ensure everything was tight and secure. And to receive complements from neighbors. Too hot for...
  15. Oldpro

    Making a poly boat go faster

    Construction of my Osprey is finally nearing completion! As I contemplate beginning the finishing phase and being in the Zen zone of sanding and more sanding, I wonder if the presence of some unavoidable drips and runs might serve as turbulators making my paddling more efficient due to lower...