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    Wooden boat festival

    The society is still organizing a First Nation boat display and carving demo for the full week of August 23- 29. It is sponsored by Granville island and CMHC and will take place in the Ocean Artworks carving area.
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    Wooden boat festival

    Due to budget shortfalls in funding and lack or registration to date, the 2021 Vancouver Wooden Boat festival has been cancelled.
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    Replacing footpeg rail stud

    Depending on when that stud was manufactured, there was a time (years ago) in which they were breaking. I had some as well. Sealect acknowledged it to me and then they found a new supplier/welder, because they were not happy with the old supplier. I have not had any break since.
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    The Capstone Project, Arctic Tern 14

    Wow. Congrats and an amazing trip that she will never forget. And the photos are incredible.
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    Wooden boat festival

    Hopefully soon. Would love to head south to Port Townsend again this year for the festival.
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    Wooden boat festival

    The Vancouver wooden boat festival is back for 2021 after a year in which we all want to just move on from. If you built or restored your own small boat (canoe, kayak, row/sail boat), then sign up for our I built it myself section. Or you can list your boat on our virtual web listing for...
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    Thickening gel coat

    Gel coat is pretty thick, but just leave it in the cup until it starts to set up, keep checking and stirring then apply it. This way it will not run.
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    Kayak in 3 pieces - repair by Joe Greenley

    Having had to repair kayaks that are severed, I think he did nice job in aligning them. I have not seen Joe for many years. Would not have recognized him with a full beard and straw hat.
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    quick stow/quick draw Greenland paddle storage?

    Another option would be to add a plastic hook to the deck in front of you. Then you pull the bungie that goes across the deck over your paddle shaft and hook it under the deck hook. You could add two hooks so that paddle is more secure and will not rotate. Some have a short sock cord and hook...
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    Current Designs - Hatch Strap Tensioner

    I used to use those but not anymore so may still have a whole bunch left over somewhere. Will check width and if you wish you can have a few for free.
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    Mick's Syringe and Caulking Gun - Thanks!

    Granted the tubes are not cheap at $5 a piece. Although they do say they are re-usable. I suppose if you push everything out and then clean it with solvents. I tried it once but found I don't have time for that. Besides, if I use them, the customer pays in the end for shop supplies so they...
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    Mick's Syringe and Caulking Gun - Thanks!

    You know that West makes empty caulking tubes for just this purpose. Just Saying.
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    Drips/runs before glassing

    I take it the drips ran onto bare wood. If so, then you are kind of stuck with it on a plywood boat, since if you tried to sand them off completely, you risk sanding into the ply layer and the look will be worse if you sand through the thin outer veneer layer.
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    Free canoe molds/strongback

    Customer is heading back home to Sweden and taking his canoe with him. Free strongback and molds for a prospector canoe. Contact
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    Rice paper graphics

    I have done it after saturation and under hardened fill coats otherwise glass is bonded to the paper and not to the wood. I think if you do it Bjorn's way, you might see the halo of the epoxy patch when you do the full glassing job.