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    floating? VHF radio recommendations

    I have a floating Standard Horizon HX300 that I have owned for many years and recently replaced the battery in. The button layout is good, it lights up if you drop it in the water so you can find it in the dark, and it works fine. A basic unit, and one of the first radios on the market that...
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    Packrafting the Kodiak Archipelago

    I just did another lap around Shuyak Island, and the scenery and animals didn't disappoint. Great stuff...
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    InReach discontinued?

    I’ve been using InReach for years, both personally (Mini) and through my job (Explorer+), and I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the dumb, kludgy, and obviously designed-by-committee InReach experience. Unintuitive, unreliable, complicate. If I were starting over at this point, I would...
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    How likely are whales to overturn you in a kayak?

    Whales generally appear to be very aware of their surroundings. It pays for them not to hit their heads on floating driftwood and other obstacles in the water, so I think they are typically paying attention to their environment. That said, when they are actively feeding, consider them highly...
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    SOLD! - Impex Category Force 5

    That thing is beautiful.
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    Cleaning lichens off gelcoat?

    I don’t know if the 24 hours of vinegar solution made any difference, but today I used a medium-bristled scrub brush and soapy water (plus some elbow grease) and went to work on the boat. The lichens came off reasonably easily, though some ‘roots‘ seemed to remain, but I got those with a...
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    Cleaning lichens off gelcoat?

    I sprayed it down with a mix of vinegar and a dab of liquid dishwashing soap. I’ll let it sit for 24 hours and then use a brush with some sudsy water. It was a warm day so the vinegar and soap mix probably dried relatively quickly, but the soap helps it stick. This soap-vinegar mix I have...
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    Cleaning lichens off gelcoat?

    I have a boat that has been sitting on a rack for a while uncovered, and there are lichens growing on the gelcoat. I need to clean them off, and I thought I'd start with a non-toxic spray of white vinegar with a bit of dish soap as is suggested online. Or I could just go at it with a brush. What...
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    Bear Electric Fences?

    Here goes... I used these arrows because they were the longest carbon shafts I could find: They come with plain steel (get rusty) 100 grain tips so I swapped them for lighter 75 grain stainless tips...
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    Bear Electric Fences?

    The strand height for our fences is based on the height off the ground of a coastal brown bear’s nose. We are trying to make it as ‘convenient’ as possible for the bear to sniff the fence. It also helps keep the lowest strand above grass or vegetation that would cause a discharge in the fence...
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    Bear Electric Fences?

    We use them when hunting and we have to spend the night with meat in the field. We build our own to make them as light as possible. I can give you instructions if you are handy with tools and want a project. This is a very good paper discussing the effectiveness of electric fences as bear...
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    An archaeological site survey by inflatable kayak in Kodiak, AK

    I just got back from a 6-day trip on the east side of Kodiak where I helped my friend, Patrick, do his usual spring archaeological site survey. This time we canvassed the north shore of Kiliuda Bay. The weather was not very cooperative with a lot of rain and temps in the 30’s to low 40’s (2-6...
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    VHF radio with DSC / man overboard?

    On a different message board someone was looking for a handheld VHF that was USB rechargeable and had the channel 70 (2187.5 kHz) DSC (digital selective-calling) distress feature. A few new handheld radios have DSC, which can send your coordinates to nearby receiving radios. Icom claims their...
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    Looking for first ‘expedition’ kayak

    Correct. I love plastic, being an inveterate boat dragger.
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    InReach discontinued?

    The new InReach Mini 2 is replacing the original Mini. It seems to be a modest update overall, but with potentially significant increases to battery life.