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    3 kayakers rescued in Burrard inlet Apr 4 2021

    I wondered what happened? PORT MOODY (NEWS 1130) – Several bystanders are being commended for their efforts to save some kayakers in Port Moody after their boats flipped in the water Sunday. According to the local fire department, three kayakers went overboard around 6:45 p.m. “The only...
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    How to kayak into the US (San Juan isles) from BC? (customs border question)

    Hi all Sorry I wasn't clear. I'm a canadian yes. I live in south vancouver near tsawassen. I can SEE point roberts lol. The above links seem to contain info coming BACK to canada. I still don't have a definitive - what goes on if you paddle into the US and who do you report to...US side...
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    How to kayak into the US (San Juan isles) from BC? (customs border question)

    Hi all What's the procedure in visiting the san juans by kayak? I have nexus. Do I have to register for some program. Thanks
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    Winter Paddlers on the Fraser near Iona. Congrats

    I was shooting birds near Iona and saw some impressive paddlers braving cold headwinds and power boaters forgetting/ignoring they need to slow down when in presences of slower vessels. (will that ever change?).. Took some shots
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    Hi. I have kayaks for sale but you have to be worthy for me to tell you what they are.

    Saw this ad on craigs . I've never seen anything like it. No mention of the kayak models or names. Nothing. Just a "are you worthy" vibe. Some people. It's a kayak not a child adoption lol...
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    Anyone build a rooftop kayak hoist? Ideas...i'm simple lol

    Hey all So there is an opportunity at my building to get a 3d floor penthouse apt. The whole roof (pretty flat) would be mine. It has some appeal but I have a 20 ft tandem (80lbs) kayak I don't want to put into storage... so any ideas on how to hoist it up 35 feet from the side of building. I...
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    BBQ heat caused a dent in my kayak. HELP.

    Hey all I made a mess of my thermo-plastic kayak. I really hope the forum can help as the wife is going to kill me. I stored the yak too close to the BBQ and the heat caused a dent (inward)/deformation about the size of a small cantaloupe (6 inch circumference). It's right in middle accessible...
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    Hey all: any tips on crabbing from a kayak.

    thanks all - good stuff!
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    Kayakers protest as Arctic drill rig moors off Seattle

    lol awesome name! Kayaktivists
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    Kayakers protest as Arctic drill rig moors off Seattle

    Actually a suitable alternative has been found. It was found 30 years ago with electric cars. But politicians who lived in the pockets of big oil sold out society and the environment. The means and technology have existed a long time now. But the political will is not there since the public is...