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    So, thoughts on the demise of Mountain Equipment Co-op?

    I am one of the very early members, back when MEC was located on West Hastings in Vancouver. Was so proud when things moved to the swanky digs on West 4th. Up until the 'Toronto Takeover', I did all of my gear and technical clothing there. Used to be super proud of the recycled fabrics...
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    Read Island Winter Campout - Snowpocalypse

    We do 10-12 trips/year (2-5 nights) for many years now. 1/2 in this area and Desolation and 1/2 in the GI. One big trip/year (10-14 nights) in the Loreto/Baja area 8 years running (except this one). We usually launch from Moulds Bay on Quadra.
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    Read Island Winter Campout - Snowpocalypse

    Right On! One of our regular and favourite year round paddling areas. We also witness whale action, always in this area. Stay safe out there!!