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    WCP Fall Trip - The Plan

    Either date is good.. i'll try to meet ya'll there this time ;) -Rich
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    !!!! I am packing my bags for the broken group now! wow what a sunset 0_0 -Rich
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    Nope, the bird chose that composition for me :) makes the whole photo IMHO.
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    On the Way to portland island Banff Castle Mountain - clouds were absolutely incredible this day - a bit on the heavy processed side, sorry purists. Snow Clouds coming in last march Ogden Point looking south - giant offshore winter squall Clouds over Kauai's east shores...
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    Freya Hoffmeister - Victoria Presentation too!

    Wow.. that paddle in Brentwood looks epic! The expression on everyone's face says it all. You should have taked her down into tod inlet! Some great photos are letting me live vicariously just fine. Good thing the higher winds out on Haro and JDF didn't slide into Saanich Inlet - looks like the...
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    Freya Hoffmeister - Victoria Presentation too!

    photos! :) Sorry for all the clanking and flashing in the corner. Nice meeting all the WCP denizens - it's been a long while. ... 300156981/ -Rich
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    WCP spring campout 2010!!!!

    I won't be around April 12 - 21, but any time before or after that works fine for me.. Blackberry, Pender, Sidney Spit or Darcy work for me. FWIW, That the snow storm camp out was april 18-20, 2008 :) I think it's going to be a bit cold no matter when we go. -Rich
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    Westcoastpaddler get together in June

    I can make the June 19-21 run if you guys plan it then. -Rich
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    Paddling SOLO

    I don't do too much differently, just radio, immersion gear, self recovery gear and an extra paddle. I'm usually much more attentive to weather forecasts, tides and currents on solo trips than I am on group trips. If there's a remote possibility I could be in danger, I'll usually try to steer...
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    2009 WCP Spring Campout - photos, stories, and comments

    Amazing time out there! I was so blissed out on Sunday, I could barely muster up the energy to leave the beach. A beautiful sunny weekend with good friends. I couldn't wipe the grin off my face until this morning. I'll post a better report in my blog later this week, but for now, here's some...
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    Planning for the 2009 WCP Spring Campout

    Depending on the time I leave work tomorrow, I'll try and make it to Pender tomorrow night. if not I'll stop on Portland and cross in the morning. If I'm not in either of those places, I worked too late and I'll be driving over Saturday. Cant wait to meet up! -Rich
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    Ok, who got rescued today?

    Not me. :) I was on the Tsawwassen ferry coming back into Swartz Bay when the mayne queen called in. I was watching 2-3 foot swell with 2-3 foot wind chop and some spray on top of it. Coal didn't look like a nice place to be in a kayak at that point. Hope they learned their lesson. :/ At least...
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    Point & Shoot vs DSLR

    One of my paddling buddies has been using a Sony DSC H-9 to good effect and he seems to get up close with birds pretty nicely. not sure what a 15x zoom would be equivalent to in 35mm, but seems like it's a pretty good zoom lens - still the same old noise problem, but it's a lot better than the...
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    WHERE DID YOU PADDLE - January 2009

    I enjoyed a great paddle from Mill Bay to Cherry Point and it was just a serene calm bathtub day. Not too much to report. The day was fairly cold, but once the sun broke through the clouds a bit, it warmed up just fine. The coastline here is all trees, cliffs and houses broken up by a few rocky...
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    Save the Sea Kittens

    hand over face. -Rich