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    BBQ heat caused a dent in my kayak. HELP.

    Dave, I’m not the OP. I only own composite NDK kayaks. My first kayak though was a Delta 18.5 Expedition (thermoform). At 6’5” I thought I needed a large volume boat, but that boat at 500 liters total volume was WAY too big for anyone. Looks like Delta learned their lesson as well and only makes...
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    BBQ heat caused a dent in my kayak. HELP.

    Yup, always the possibility of making it worse. I thought the acrylic layer was only on the deck for UV protection and prettiness. Do the hulls also have acrylic?
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    BBQ heat caused a dent in my kayak. HELP.

    I would put the BBQ on the other side of the boat to create a symmetrical dent and then convince the wife that the ‘speed humps’ have always been there. Seriously though, I think after heating, both sides of the hull will need to be supported while cooling. It looks like more of a ripple than...
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    Side Surfing: Why You Need to Be Good at It

    Worst thing about bongo sliding is when you’re stuck in a big foam pile. Never confident if I should take a breath or not. Is it water or air? :)
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    Dramatic water rescue off Vancouver Island

    I must admit that when I saw the video I was thinking ‘those waves look like fun’. Glad everything worked out for the paddler. Several times in that same area in similar conditions I have been approached by other craft asking if everything is OK, so there is a reasonable amount of traffic there...
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    Might want to check if your helmet of choice fits in your day hatch. I don't like carrying on my deck but still want it within reach.
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    Kayak VS Pedal Catamaran

    I like to look at worst case scenarios. At least with the Hobie it can be legitimately paddled if the pedal thing breaks.
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    Either way, I'm lining my surfing helmet with tinfoil.
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    Teenager Equipment

    I actually have talked with Shawna and Leon. They are the reason I don't use a back band in my boats. I was refering to being so loose that your hips could "slide to the low side" for rolling. Rotating hips while paddling does not require a ton of hip clearance, hips are rotating not sliding...
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    Teenager Equipment

    Thanks for all the feedback. We're heading out again today so we'll so how that goes. I like the idea of adding some lashing tabs to secure weight to, but at the same time I wonder how bad the extra volume really is. Many standard size or even low volume North American kayaks have more volume...
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    Teenager Equipment

    My 14 y/o son has expressed interest in kayaking. Fitting him has been a little more difficult than I first imagined. He's 5'10" and 120# ("full of food"as he said, but technically he's always full of food because he never stops eating.) Farmer john wetsuit fitting was interesting. The small...
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    Roof racks

    So the real takeaway I got here was to not do any exercise but kayaking.... why risk it? :)
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    Interesting rescue across the pond

    His hands look too close together (or the paddle is 8 feet long). Hard to brace with that much leverage working against you.
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    Surge Narrows info

    Great article and a very nice tribute to Brent.
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    Repairing a hole in composite kayak.

    If you can access the inside where the hole is, it's as easy as patching the inside with cloth/epoxy and then gelcoat the outside. The "proper" way to patch would be to feather the hole from the outside and apply a few cloth layers in increasing diameter to match the feather. I highly recommend...