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    Stellar S18R test paddle

    I find the major benefit of the noodle is that it allows a loaded boat to be moved up and down a beach (even if only a few feet) with less strain on my back. A scratch on a boat isn't going to ruin a trip but an injured back will (trust me...). A person must have a code but a little grey area...
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    Any fresh water in the Broken Group?

    I have collected water there, at Thanksgiving. Any water I have seen there gives a good impression of filtered racoon urine with a hint of otter poop... I wouldn't expect to find much this year or rely on it at all at any time.
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    What do you wear on your feet?

    Most of the time I wear an old pair of Chaco sandals with a Vibram sole. As I don't use a drysuit if the water is coldish or my feet are sore from sand abrasion I will add a pair of thin neoprene socks, taking care to rinse and air them out after each use. Sandals don't offer a lot of...
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    Anyone else experience "armpit chafe?"

    Long armpit hairs getting caught in shirt fabric? Might initiate irritation...
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    Seeking best possible San Juan Islands paddle: weekend of 6/25-27

    "A man who is not afraid of the sea will soon be drowned, he said, for he will be going out on a day he shouldn't. But we do be afraid of the sea, and we do only be drownded now and again." John Millington Synge
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    Tarpology, by Cougarmeat

    I just ordered a set of similar poles from Amazon. Paria. Two poles for less than $80 (Still stupid money to spend for tarp poles...) and they see more adjustable than the MSRs. Don't know about the quality yet but they are US made...
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    Kayak Carrier Cradle Question

    Thought I would give an update... I treated the rubber of the saddles with "303". It worked. No more nasty black streaks. :) No doubt it will require repeated applications but it is easy to do. On a sadder note the lack of lateral support on the rear sliders finally had it's anticipated...
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    Short boat question

    Couple of years ago I did a 5 day trip to the Nuchatlitz with a guy who had a similar boat. Mind you, I don't think he changed his clothes the whole trip or ate any vegetables, but I'm sure if you pack sensibly it probably won't be a problem.
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    Thickening gel coat

    Thank you for the information. The gel coat I found called itself a paste so maybe it is already thicker than the runny stuff I remember. I guess that, as ever, patience will be a virtue. :)
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    Thickening gel coat

    I need to make a repair to the gel coat on one of my boats. The wound has a bit of depth to it and I was wondering about thickening the gel coat to help fill the hole. Any thoughts on the subject?
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    MSR Dromedary or Dromolite Bags

    Wine bags. The clear plastic ones seem better than the shiny silver ones. Get them from your local winemaking emporium. Cheap. No taste. Collapse nicely when empty. Had very few problems with them. Can get (or make) cloth bags with handles and little nozzle holes to improve functionality.
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    Kevlar Mariner Express $3500 CAD

    Drool... Wife said I could only buy it if I sold one of my other Mariners. :(
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    SOF: tinting polyurethane white

    Maybe check out Cape Falcon Kayaks to see if they have any info on tinting?
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    Helinox chair hack

    I use half tennis balls to prevent sand-sink. More compact than whole balls and you get to play hide and seek with them in the sand when you are done...
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    added a UV flashlight to my field repair kit

    Apparently agates will glow under UV.