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    some Stitch and Glue Designs

    Hey folks :) I was the friend that got those Black Pearl panels cut on a local CNC shop. Sadly the shop has moved away to Ontario, as the guy was relatively affordable and was awesome to work with. We had a written agreement that he was not to reuse the cut files or produce any other copies, as...
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    SOLD! - Swagman Tajo Kayak storage holders

    I've got three pairs of these - used them at the old house to store the kayaks on a home made rack. Moved to a townhome and the kayaks live a life of luxury hanging from the ceiling instead! Pretty good shape, some of the foam cracked around the bends but is still intact where it matters on the...
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    Need input --my rental boat for PPS

    The tempest is much closer to your pilgrim than it was to your older WS boat :) It's a great little boat, pretty maneuverable and it won't hurt your rolling aspirations in the slightest, I don't think.
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    looking to purchase a spray skirt for a Solstice GT!

    Hey cjones, I have 3 spray skirts in various sizes and states of repair that I need to get rid of. You're welcome to grab all 3 (free!) and see if any of them work for you. There's a brand new neo/nylon type skirt and two old all neoprene skirts of random tunnel and cockpit sizes.
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    Stellar S18S Excel Surfski

    April bump! Weather is starting to feel pretty nice, you just missed out on some crazy wind days! ;) Feel free to throw in an offer - this will be a pretty good deal for a super lightweight ski, paddle and PFD.
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    Stellar S18S Excel Surfski

    Pretty reluctant to sell this cause I know I'll eventually miss it, but we're moving and trying to downsize a little bit. I believe the ski is about 6 or 7 years old but hasn't been paddled all that much. It's the Excel (kevlar) construction, incredibly lightweight. It's in great condition and...
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    Danuu Kayak Cover 15'

    Bought this a year or two ago from a craigslist seller - was supposed to be the 20' version... it's not haha. Looks unused as far as I can tell! $55? Pickup in Burnaby/Vancouver :)
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    Moving water incident in SF Bay

    Thanks for sharing this! As Kim says, this is not a situation I would typically encounter on my normal paddles and I probably wouldn't be aware of it until it was too late either.. Glad everyone made it out ok!
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    Mariner Express on Vancouver Island

    That was my old Express, the buyer (now seller!) messaged me today saying he unfortunately had to list it for sale. Great boat.. the aft hatch was retrofitted by Nimbus, IIRC.
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    VHF in Canada

    I seem to remember, from looking at ham radio stuff a few years ago that although the rules and certification requirements for radio operators are pretty different between Canada and the US, you can pretty much ignore that if you're visiting the neighboring country. If you're legally allowed to...
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    Bjorn Thomasson Frej 18'

    Stunning! Did it paddle significantly differently from the 16' Frej?
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    Dual Van Isle Record Attempts on

    So unfortunate to be doing that well and be stopped by weather with two days to go. These record attempts (and the records that still stand!) seem like incredible feats for an average dude like me. The combination of outstanding physical abilities, mental fortitude, paddling skill/technique...
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    New forums coming soon!

    That is great news :) Thanks for all the hard work keeping the site up and running! As one of the noobs, this forum has been my main source of paddling info. As much as I enjoy Facebook for random 'social' stuff, it can't replace a proper forum!