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    Pacific Paddling Symposium 2015 May 29-31, 2015

    :big_thumb :big_thumb :big_thumb
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    Canadian Surfski Championships Video

    Great video :big_thumb
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    East Arm of Glacier Bay, AK 14 June–12 July 2014

    :big_thumb Great photos and trip report! Thanks for posting them :D Very cool to hear about all the birds, especially the puffins. Do you carry a bird book with you?
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    The Broughton Archipelago, Sep. 2014

    Thanks for sharing the great pics :D
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    Just paddling in a tandem with a Purple Baseball Cap.

    I like my MEC pfd. It has 4 moving panels on the front to conform to your body, and doesn't go low at the back so it won't ride up like in the photo. You can get them on clearance for around $100.
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    Porcher Island to Kitkatla

    Dang, that's a beautiful boat :big_thumb :D
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    Gold Medal Winners, Greenland National Kayak Championship

    Re: Gold Medal Winners, Greenland National Kayak Championshi ... =1&theater
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    Has Anyone Launched from Ucluelet for the Broken Group?

    Some friends recently took a water taxi from Ucuelet to Sechart Lodge, and launched from there. They booked the water taxi through the Lady Rose office, I believe, and it ended up costing the same as taking the Lady Rose, but with more schedule flexibility.
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    Reflector Oven

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    Another island speed record attempt

    I think he had to wait in Tofino half a day or a day while friends scrambled to get him a replacement kayak. Supported, unsupported, or semi supported what these paddlers do is an impressive feat.
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    Another island speed record attempt

    If he keeps up this pace look like he'll set a new record.
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    Greenland Rolling Successes

    Thanks for posting the links, Nootka. I just came to the site to post them, but you beat me to it :D Last night while doing some on-water training I slipped in a bit of static brace practice in a Nordkapp RM. On my right side I sank on my first attempt, then got it so I could maintain it and...
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    Greenland Rolling Successes

    Thanks Nootka! Yea, for some of the rolls, James didn't give a name, he just basically said 'do this', so I was guessing a bit at the terminology. The forward finishing roll he said wasn't an official roll, more to develop the skills for the actually forward finishing rolls. It starting with...