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    Camera or GoPro?

    Hi all Sorry that I haven't replied. The problem is that I just haven't made a decision! I'm off to the Broken group in a few days, but fortunately(?) I found an even older(?) camera than my original tough. I have a Panasonic LUMIX which is meant to be waterproof. Hopefully it still works...
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    Camera or GoPro?

    Wow, thanks for all the great replies. From photos and videos here, it may be the person taking them that matters as much or more as the tool! I hadn't heard of Lifeproof cases, but will take a look. Maybe a GoPro is the way to Go. I will do a bit more research. It's about the same price as...
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    Camera or GoPro?

    My old Olympus Tough waterproof camera finally became un-waterproof and died on my Deer Group trip. The others on the trip all had GoPros, which had no trouble with the water. So rather than replace my camera (perhaps with a new version of the Tough:, I...
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    Friday July 16 - Sunday July 18 in the Southern Gulf Islands.

    Sounds like a great trip. Living in Victoria, I need to do more overnight explorations like that. Great to know about the Pacifica launch/parking option!
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    COVID and canoeing, sea kayaking continues decline...

    I don't know about SKILS, but Bluedog still includes camping skills in Lvl 2 and the Lvl 2 instructor course. I know another Lvl 2 IT who also includes camping as part of the program.
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    Switching from small lakes to ocean

    Welcome @sofstu from a newcomer :). Okanagan Lake is in no way a small lake. It is a lake that at times, due to the large reach and gusty conditions, can get pretty tough to handle. It may sound basic, but knowing how to do a basic unassisted re-entry (and assisted if you paddle with others)...
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    Tarpology, by Cougarmeat

    Great point about the size. I think that the MSR poles should fit, but will try with my foldable trekking poles just to make sure. I have just moved from a Delta 17, which would hold anything and everything, to a CD Sisu. I had to replace my 20L dry bags - and no chance of fitting my bear...
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    Tarpology, by Cougarmeat

    Thanks for the links @JohnAbercrombie . The MSR poles (1 or 2 8' poles maybe?) look good. I was in Trotac yesterday and they had some extendible boat hooks. They were pretty chunky, but seemed really solid. I'm going to paddle tomorrow, but will head in to town and look through some of the...
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    Tarpology, by Cougarmeat

    I can't seem to find these online (and can't get REI at the moment). Does anyone have suggestions of poles that are available in Victoria? I'm planning to bring my 2 trekking poles to try with, but they are only about 1.5m long. SO much great information in this post. Thanks @cougarmeat
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    using whitewater safety gear for sea kayaking

    I was asked if I had a buoyant rope by an RCMP boat in Ucluelet harbour - just after he had watched me unclip from the kayak that I was towing :). He also asked why I didn't have a paddle float, which isn't required.
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    Tarp over tent, or better tent?

    Hi Thanks for the advice. I ended up deciding to stick with the MEC Scout. I'm heading to the Deer Group in a couple of weeks and will get to try it out. There is SO much info in this thread and the related links on options for set up! I'm going to look in to getting a couple of collapsible...
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    Tensioning deck lines

    So non-stretchy deck line on the right, and bungee on the rest? If I understand that correctly, that is how Delta do their deck lines. The location of the knot is really important, though. Although it might have changed in the past year, the knot was put too far to the 'left' (in my...
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    WANTED Greenland style kayak with hard chine

    That is definitely a beautiful looking kayak!
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    Tarp over tent, or better tent?

    Hi I am buying a tarp for kayaking (and some backpacking) that would be either for going over my tent or over the cooking/eating area, depending on the situation. I picked up an MEC Scout tarp (3.9m x 2.9m) because I was there and it was in stock and I'd been looking without luck! Now I am...
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    Field work by kayak on Kodiak Island's south end

    Wow. Just wow. Great photography as well as a great adventure.