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  1. IanC

    First spring paddle (with a minor back story)

    I finally got out for my first spring paddle yesterday, here in Vancouver. No big deal, just roaming around False Creek. I would post a pic or two, but I kept my phone in a dry bag, and didn’t bother to take it out. With the Coast Guard launch site parking lots closed, I parked on the street...
  2. IanC

    Free books

    I want to give away these old books: Sea Kayak the Gulf Islands - Mary Ann Snowden Island Paddling - Mary Ann Snowden Sea Kayaking Canada's West Coast - John Ince & Hedi Kottner Canoe Trips British Columbia - Jack Wainwright British Columbia Canoe Routes - Canoe Sport BC Guide to the Western...
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    First paddle of the season

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    new dry bag

  5. IanC

    System Three epoxy - rant

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    How did this guy survive?

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    compression dry bags?

  9. IanC

    Extreme Risk Taking

  10. IanC

    India Trip: kinda off-topic

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    Broken Group trip soon

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    Here's an odd story...

  13. IanC

    WHERE DID YOU PADDLE? August 2009

  14. IanC

    English Bay Fireworks

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    Vancouver evening paddle

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    Saturday Night Fireworks English Bay?

  17. IanC

    Thursday night paddles

  18. IanC

    visible Red Tide