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    Fees in Clayquot

    Hey Folks! Happy to see this pop-up again. :) First, for clarity, for 2019, I am no longer associated with Tofino Sea Kayaking. As such my comments are my own. However, last year (2018), I did have the privilege to work with and have discussions with the Guardians on several occasions...
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    fresh blog blitherings

    Fun read Philip!
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    New Forums will be changing (again)

    Thanks Dan! In the long run, better to keep the archived stuff (lots of knowledge there), and unfortunately lose the stuff from the last few weeks. (including this post!)
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    Ahousaht Stewardship Guardian Program

    Thank you John for your comments. I will continue to express my opinion as an individual who lives here in Clayoquot. The MOU was not for the Guardian Program, but with the Maaqutusiis Hahoulthee Stewardship Society (MHSS) for economic development in many areas. The Guardian Program is but...
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    Ahousaht Stewardship Guardian Program

    In my conversations with them I have encouraged them to highlight any visible work they do to build more support within the user groups (such as the kayak community). It is still a very new initiative (this is only it's second year), and with limited funding sources, only so much can be...
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    Ahousaht Stewardship Guardian Program

    Hey! Sorry, saw this thread a couple days ago, but it was while the forum was in stasis during the upgrade.... *** Big Picture: Perhaps rightly so, the political reality in Clayoquot Sound, as in many areas, is moving towards more equal distribution of rights (management of land, permits...
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    Dual Van Isle Record Attempts on

    Yeah. It was incredible watching the miles Mike Gill logged each day during this attempt. Having paddled the majority of Van Isle in sections, putting this all together with the weather holding steady for a full 12+ days is a challenge. The record that Russell set is a very high...
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    Double kayak - compass location

    I'd say the compass on a double should be in front of the Stern Paddler. Almost always the stern cockpit is in control of the rudder and should be the one in ultimate control of the boat. Therefore they are the one navigating etc... Maybe in very co-compatible situations the compass could...
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    Dual Van Isle Record Attempts on

    Yeah. Mike Gill just posted again. He is on Spring Island (did the Brooks today). He says he pressed the wrong 'track' button today. Will press the right one tomorrow.
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    VHF and Flares

    I've been pretty happy with the Standard Horizon HX300 . Inexpensive. Compact. 5w output. Waterproof. Floats. USB Charge port. And you can purchase alkaline battery trays for expedition use. It's certainly not a top of the line radio, but I've bought 6 last year for Tofino Sea Kayaking...
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    Freya Hoffmeister

    A quick pic from when Freya and Justine left our beach at Tofino Sea Kayaking. :)
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    @tofinoseakayaking @redpaddler :)
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    BING today (2/11/17) - Tofino

    Hey! Yeah, I saw this photo the other day. Those are surfers. The photo is taken at a rocky headland near 'Incinerator Rock', on Long Beach, within Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. The photo is taken about 20 meters from the parking lot. For someone who lives here, it is a very...
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    Merry Christmas!

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    Clayoquot in September

    Great seeing you guys again! Hopefully not the last time!
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    Pay Parking In Tofino

    lol... sounds like you've tried one of our coffee's before. :) Just don't ask me to make it for you! Our baristas are much better...
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    Pay Parking In Tofino

    Kayakers are also welcome to launch at Tofino Sea Kayaking (320 Main St / between the Public Launch and the 3rd and Main Parking Lot). We have a 'loading zone' parking spot, walk down the stairs, and we also have fresh water, friendly advice, and a last minute washroom break... :)