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    Greenland Paddles for novice?

    I built my Arctic Tern 17. I have a 220 “Euro Blade”. I’m a novice kayaker. I had rotator cuff injuries in the past. (Lacrosse). I’m “advanced” in years, but in good shape. I am taking some lessons but also kayaking on my own. The river is just too close. I enjoy going long distance, but I...
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    Well, as finished as you can ever be.
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    Finishing up...

    So the good idea fairy struck before varnishing. It would be much easier to resin the half-rounds on the hatches after I varnish. Just sandpaper the half-round bottoms, roughen up that area of the hatch and resin. Now I'm thinking that wasn't such a good idea. Will the resin stick to varnish...
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    Pad eyes

    Well, as I wait for the varnish to dry I can spend time obsessing over details that won't add any more time to this build. Looking at the provided plastic pad eyes the seem kind of cheap after so much time on trying to make this boat look good. Has anyone used anything else? Thanks.
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    I'm getting to that point. Recommendations on type? I've seen recommended: Petit 1015 Captains varnish Petit 2015 Flagship varnish Interlux Schooner varnish My priorities in order: 1. Ease of use. I'm a beginner. 2. Finish. 3. Cost.
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    Hand toggles

    I'm at that point in the build. Pygmy does not have any in stock. Recommendation on doing this part of the build? Since I did not purchase them, it's not in the manual. I did a search of the threads, but many of the links to pictures are now dead. Thanks.
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    Dry spot

    Sorry for the dumb question. I've searched the internet but no luck. What do you do when you find a mistake in the glassing? I had to go away for a few weeks and, when I returned, I noticed in the sunlight three small dry spots in the glass. I was doing this in my basement and these were on the...
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    Drips/runs before glassing

    First time builder. It's probably in Chapter 1 in "The Book of Duh", but I missed the part about immediately cleaning up drips when sealing the seams. After a few days of fun joyously sanding away the drips and runs I have them all flush and learned a painful and time-consuming lesson. I'm now...
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    Rice paper graphics

    I'm building an Arctic Tern and will be applying some graphics. I see where people are applying them with the saturation coat. If you skip the saturation coat how would you do this? Just "saturate" the graphics? Thanks.