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  1. Splonger

    How to feel inferior about a sea kayak by paddling a recreational kayak

    After enjoying my Delta 17 for over 10 years, I wanted something a little more efficient (faster) and spent 3 years looking for and trying other kayaks. This included the Stellar 18R (very fast, but not comfortable) the Zegul Searocket (a disappointment) and others. I finally just drove to...
  2. Splonger


    Hi, I am quite interested in the Kokatat jacket. Let me know if it's still available, please. I am in Chilliwack. Thanks, Dan
  3. Splonger

    SOLD! - Carbon Wing Paddle - $200

    Carbon Wing Paddle - Carlisle S2000 Speed Wing. 210-220 cm, adjustable ferrule. Tough and durable. Powerful action. Add instant speed. Used very little, looks new. I have upgraded to an Epic wing, so this one is surplus. Located in Chilliwack.
  4. Splonger

    Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone - as New

    Hi, We originally got it because my wife was doing lots of remote hiking, out of cellular range. We took it on a couple kayak week-long trips just for emergencies, but didn't need to use it. I have always taken care to refresh the battery, but after several months of non-use, it seems that it...
  5. Splonger

    Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone - as New

    Hi Roger, The kit is complete - the original box, charger with all international plugs, car adapter, leather case, everything just as new. Many of the accessories have not been out of the packaging. We are in Chilliwack. I have been watching this forum for about five years, but have not had...
  6. Splonger

    Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone - as New