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  1. IanC

    Paddle grip treatments?

    I wasn’t concerned with a precise finished length and I don’t recall how much, if any, shrinkage occurred. These grips feel good, wet or dry, to my bare hands, and I find they help with keeping my hands in the right place. (BTW the graphics on the blade are bits of self adhesive reflective film)
  2. IanC

    Paddle grip treatments?

    I am liking these for paddle grips.....the 35 mm size shrinks down to a snug fit on a typical shaft MonkeyJack Dia. 22mm/28mm/35mm Heat Shrink Tubing Textured Fishing Rod Handle Grips
  3. IanC

    First spring paddle (with a minor back story)

    I finally got out for my first spring paddle yesterday, here in Vancouver. No big deal, just roaming around False Creek. I would post a pic or two, but I kept my phone in a dry bag, and didn’t bother to take it out. With the Coast Guard launch site parking lots closed, I parked on the street...
  4. IanC

    A Few Words About the Future of WestCoastPaddler

    I had not visited WCP much in recent months, so I was surprised to see the new look and read about the new management. I have not posted much in recent years, but let me add my voice to express my ongoing appreciation for this website, and a huge Thank You to Dan and the rest of the crew, and a...
  5. IanC

    Free books

    Books still available .....
  6. IanC

    Free books

    I want to give away these old books: Sea Kayak the Gulf Islands - Mary Ann Snowden Island Paddling - Mary Ann Snowden Sea Kayaking Canada's West Coast - John Ince & Hedi Kottner Canoe Trips British Columbia - Jack Wainwright British Columbia Canoe Routes - Canoe Sport BC Guide to the Western...
  7. IanC

    First paddle of the season

  8. IanC

    new dry bag

  9. IanC

    System Three epoxy - rant

    Thanks all, for your advice and understanding. This was really only a minor, albeit messy and frustrating setback. Live and learn (and then forget, and repeat the same mistakes...)
  10. IanC

    System Three epoxy - rant

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  12. IanC

    God's pocket in Aug long weekend?

    Hi vdgraaf I just tried to send you a Private Message, but not sure if it got sent properly. I'm part of a potential group of 3-4 with exactly the same plans, and maybe we could join up. If you don't receive my PM, please let me know, either by PM or on this post. Thanks, IanC
  13. IanC

    Lord Byng Pool Nights

    Anyone here going to these Lord Byng pool friday night sessions these days? Its been far too long since I practiced any kind of capsize scenarios, and even with a wet suit, I really don't like doing it in the ocean. Can I bring a sea kayak and practice self rescues here (or is this mainly for...
  14. IanC

    seeking good kayaking outfitter or group for trips...ideas?

    Re: seeking good kayaking outfitter or group for trips...ide I recommend Gabriola Sea Kayaking for guided trips. They differ from most other paddle trip companies in that they don't provide the food. Instead, every guest provides their share of group meals. This keeps costs down, and means...
  15. IanC

    Best Sunset Pics

    Last night, English Bay in Vancouver - out pestering the herons...
  16. IanC

    WHERE DID YOU PADDLE? - August 2011

    Was in the Broughtons recently. Pretty nice area to paddle. One day it rained pretty hard for about 24 hours, but the following morning was sunny and calm, and while paddling the southern rocky shorelines of Davies Island and the Pearse Peninsula, I was treated to the rare (for me) sight...
  17. IanC

    Camp fires at Provincial campgrounds

    Many rules and restrictions are necessary to prevent problems, but there are situations where I will knowingly break the rules, depending on the circumstances. For example, I will sometimes walk my gentle dog off-leash even where it is not allowed, when I know that it's not a problem - no harm...
  18. IanC

    How did this guy survive?

  19. IanC

    Looking for advice

    Here's my advice - given your lack of experience and probable lack of adequate gear, do not attempt a multi day kayak trip on your own. However, if you have the time and inclination to make the trip to BC's coast, I recommend signing up on a guided trip. It will cost you a bit more, but you...
  20. IanC

    compression dry bags?