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  1. SalishSeaNior

    Seeing Red - British Columbia's Old Growth Forests

    In a separate trip report today, Alex talked about and posted images of a coastal remnant old growth forest in Willapa Bay. That reminded me of an article in the on-line Journal the "Narwhal" detailing the current state of British Columbia's "old growth forests". The article was published on...
  2. SalishSeaNior

    A Short Paddling Film to Cheer You Up!

    Just watched this 4.5 minute film on A bit of perspective for ocean adventurers in the time of the Pandemic. It is called Nomads of the Sea I personally am fortunate to have many places, handy by to paddle. And living in the Province of British Columbia, much of the Northwest...
  3. SalishSeaNior

    Reed Chillcheater Aquatherm vs. Goretex Dry Wear

    Does anyone out there use Reed Chillcheater gear for cold weather paddling? I have been looking at their equipment and reviews of it and it sounds like a very good option. Prices and custom fit options also look good, but I have never met anyone who uses this clothing. I currently use Kokatat...
  4. SalishSeaNior

    Warm Winter Paddling On the Lakes of the Okanagan Valley

    It has been an astoundingly and abnormally warm winter here in the Okanagan Valley. Aside from the fact that this is likely more evidence of the reality of global warming, there has been an up side. It has been very much like living on the Coast here this year thus far, though winter has...
  5. SalishSeaNior

    G'day, New to the Forums

    Good Morning Fellow Ocean Kayak Enthusiast, I have visited the WCP website often in the past, but had never thought to join until now. To be honest, I am not much of an online joiner and have only ever belonged to one other online forum. This one however strikes my fancy, as it connects with...