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  1. Tangler

    Thickening gel coat

    I need to make a repair to the gel coat on one of my boats. The wound has a bit of depth to it and I was wondering about thickening the gel coat to help fill the hole. Any thoughts on the subject?
  2. Tangler

    Kayak Carrier Cradle Question

    Hi Folks. Happy Holidays. :) I have a kayak carrier system from Rhino Racks. Recently the rubber cradles have started to degenerate and leave nasty black streaks on my beautiful kayak! Rhino has not responded to my query about replacement rubbers and I don't want to buy a whole new system. So...
  3. Tangler

    Boat varnishes

    I am partway through my first boat build (a plywood canoe) and wondering about finishes. I am going to varnish it but my family is sensitive to off-gassing. I did notice a Varathane water-based spar varnish and was wondering if that would be appropriate for a watercraft? Any thoughts on this (or...
  4. Tangler

    Little Espinosa parking incidents

    Just got back from a fun trip to the Nuchatlitz. Lots of interesting weather and the new (to me) sport of "Blow hole baiting". Got back to the put-in at Little Espinosa to find that someone had stolen my license plates. Could have been worse... I was wondering if others felt it might be useful...
  5. Tangler

    Building a Koaster

    I have been having a lot of trouble finding a Mariner Coaster to buy so I have decided to take the radical step of starting my own kayak building company, "Marinades" to produce them, based here in Canada. I will be building a few models to start: Koasters, much to the joy of surf kayakers...