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    Yakima Kayak Racks/Wind Breaker for sale.

    Hello, I have Yakima kayak racks/wind breaker, for sale with saddles...double, for two kayaks - $200.
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    Wanted: boat mounted kayak racks

    Hello, I have Yakima kayak racks/wind breaker: for sale with saddles...double, for two kayaks - $200. - interested??
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    no comment - craigslist ad

    I really can't believe what I'm reading. I've been following this thread and it seems to me that most of you are like a pack of dogs after blood. He may have the combing on backwards, he may be asking too much and he may have double fibre glassed the boat but does that mean so many of you have...
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    Boreal Ellesmere OC for sale:

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    Blue Seal Line Boundary Pack 115 litres...

    If anyone is interested in the Blue Seal Line Boundary Pack my number is 604 513 9784 (Langley)
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    Seal Line Boundary Pack

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    Top 5 class 1 paddles/trips

    Sorry, this is not on the Lower Mainland or on the Island but have to mention Desolation Sound. One can be there and be on the water within the day, beautiful scenery and new locations to visit each year. A #1 wonderful place to paddle...
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    Whats your favorite lunch

    I usually alternate between a tortilla with cheese and cut up onions or a tortilla with peanut butter. Love them both and don't get tired of either...followed by a candy or some type of bar.
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    Montrealers looking at Desolation Sound in August

    Thanks for the extra info, Nootka - but will use the link you first mentioned - Next year I'll be more prepared.
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    Montrealers looking at Desolation Sound in August

    Thank you, Nootka...just what I wanted. I appreciate the help.
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    Montrealers looking at Desolation Sound in August

    I'm paddling in the Desolation Sound area for 2 1/2 weeks this month and have been trying to find the difference between Lund and Malaspina Inlet/Roscoe Bay on the tide tables, but haven't had any luck. I definitely must be looking at the wrong websites. Can someone please help me...thanks.
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    How many other women are here?

    Another lurker...I can't help myself. :oops:
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    WestCoastPaddler Site Re-Design - Call for Input!

    Thanks for the information, Astoria Dave and Dan...I should have asked years ago. Great website!
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    WestCoastPaddler Site Re-Design - Call for Input!

    I have often thought that one would find it much easier if there was a slot? available to type in what one is looking for...Desolation Sound...Indian Arm...Stave Lake. There might be something like that now but haven't yet been able to find it. When planning a trip it is handy to be able to see...
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    Desolation Sound...Lewis Channel.

    Thanks Sheila for the suggestions. I'm planning to go up Homfrey Channel, around and down Lewis Channel to the Marine Park and your information has been helpful. I'll pay attention to the winds, and watch for the tide change as you mentioned. I won't be able to pass by Refuge Cove without...
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    Desolation Sound...Lewis Channel.

    Thanks, Ken...with the tide tables and your reply I feel better about the channel. I'm looking forward to July, and will remember to watch out for the campsite you mentioned. Thanks again.
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    Pool Sessions

    Pool Sessions... I would definitely be interested in some pool sessions at Walnut Grove. I can't roll but would like to get comfortable with hanging up side down in warm water. Thanks Waverider for considering setting something up in this area.