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  1. drahcir

    The wondrous hull

    On a recent outing off Nanaimo, I forgot to check my skeg after lunch before setting out again. The skeg was fouled by sand. With the wind coming from the port quarter, I found I couldn’t deploy the skeg and had to paddle asymmetrically to stay on course. I quickly caught up with a friend who...
  2. drahcir

    Look Familiar?

    John Abercrombie, does that third kayak in look familiar?
  3. drahcir

    Nearly New Aleutian Paddle

    I have a beautiful Aleut paddle, used on ~5 short flat water day trips. I bought it in hopes that it would lessen the strain on my arthritic left shoulder. I’ve not experienced this benefit and wish to sell it, to next try a Nimbus Quill. It is 90.25" (230 cm.) long, is intended for a low angle...
  4. drahcir

    torso rotation

    My forward stroke has evolved since I began paddling. Even when I am not paying close attention, I use torso rotation to drive the paddle and also push with my top arm. One key to torso rotation is to lock your elbows during the power phase of the stroke – the elbows need not be straight but...
  5. drahcir

    Essential Frills

    There are various characteristics we each want in a kayak. This list is not such an itemization as those fundamental characteristics. Some of the items I list below might be considered essential, others might deem them as frills; hence the oxymoronic title to this thread. I would like kayak...
  6. drahcir

    Skeg Repair Angst

    I don't like boats with rudders, nor even with skegs - although I prefer the latter for aesthetic reasons. Why the dislike when these devices can improve the paddling performance for many kayaks? Well, these devices are mechanical, they break or malfunction, and I am not handy. Clearly the...
  7. drahcir

    Billy Davidson Book (Kayak Bill)

    To Be a Warrior: The Adventurous Life and Mysterious Death of Billy Davidson By: Brandon Pullan is scheduled for publication by Rocky Mountain Press on September 3, 2021. The price will be $28 Canadian
  8. drahcir

    Will Port Alice Rebound?

    An interesting article ...
  9. drahcir

    Pender Harbour Vicinity

    Nearly all my BC paddling has been based from Vancouver Island e.g to access Quadra, Cortes, the Broken Group, the Broughtons. I am now thinking of organizing a few folks to kayak in the Pender Harbour vicinity. However, I am guessing it might prove too crowded. What do you other kayakers...
  10. drahcir

    Mr. Floatie

    I draw your attention to the pioneering work of James Skwarok in this article:
  11. drahcir

    Collector's Item?

    I recently purchased a used RM Capella 160 as an extra kayak for guests. It came with a Lendal crank shaft paddle in pristine condition, albeit still older when made in Scotland. The paddle was incidental; the kayak was well priced without it. However, in examining the paddle today, I discovered...
  12. drahcir

    Pacific Water Sports decals

    This is on a PWS kayak, but I am only aware of the sea otter, avocet, and seal decals. Does anyone know which Lee Moyer kayak this would be?
  13. drahcir

    SOLD! - Brooks Tuilik

    Never used Brooks Neoprene Tuilik, size ML, $250 USD Will ship, but at your expense
  14. drahcir

    mof instead of sof

    Mushroom-on-frame mof
  15. drahcir

    Sterling Ice Kap Skeg

    I have traded for a very poorly maintained Sterling Ice Kap. Among its needs are a new skeg with associated wire. I am waiting to hear from Sterling Kayaks whether such replacement parts exist. However, my question to those who have paddled Ice Kaps: how necessary is the skeg? If it behaves...
  16. drahcir

    Dry Suit Socks ... Questions

    Last year I replaced the latex neck gasket on my dry suit. This year I replaced the latex socks. The wrist gaskets still look good. But the socks triggered some questions which I'd like to direct at the many experienced diy types on this forum. 1. Latex wrist and neck gaskets make sense...
  17. drahcir

    Mariner Kayaks Web Site

    It seems as if is gone. Does anyone know if that is permanent? The site contained quite a bit of useful information.
  18. drahcir

    Beyond Sad
  19. drahcir

    bow rudder, euro vs. Greenland paddle

    I find that my bow rudder with a euro paddle is more effective than with a Greenland paddle. Is this as expected or can someone shed more light on this?
  20. drahcir

    SOLD! - Mariner Express with bow, stern, and day hatches - $1700 USD

    I have one kayak too many and wish to sell one of them, my Mariner Express. The Mariners ceased production around 2007 and remain famous for their hull design which needed neither rudder nor skeg and handled rough conditions very well. This has certainly been my experience. They are sought...