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    Stellar S18R test paddle

    I picked up a Stellar S14 G2 a little over a month ago and the weight is a game changer. It's still new so I definitely don't drag it over the beach, but even once I wear it in, I'm not sure I will. At 36.5 pounds I can pick it up with one hand and carry it just as easily.
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    Windy vs. Current Atlas for slack times

    Thanks for the replies, very helpful. Good points about using multiple models, model compression/simplification, and correlating these tools to your own real world observations. FWIW, it looks like the Current Atlas is based on CHS data, although it isn't clear if the interpolation between...
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    Windy vs. Current Atlas for slack times

    I've noticed major discrepancies between the times windy predicts for slack and the iOS Current Atlas app. Which is the better of the two to rely on and why? I'm just learning this stuff and read the recent "Slack Times" thread with interest.