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    WHERE DID YOU PADDLE? - January 2007

    no paddlin due to the crap weather and tonnes of rain, 2 of my trips have been post-poned - the destinations have been swamped.
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    Which digital camera to buy ???

    Re: I have been getting good That's a nice Inukshuk on stilts. I hope you smashed it after you took the photo. j ... me=album34
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    REVIEW: Footwear: MEC Swellies

    You may want to goop up the seams with some Seamgrip or Freesole - i dont think these seams are taped so eventually they may let water in. (Put the leftover urethane in the freezer so it wont harden once popped) Dont forget to tighten the tops before you launch - i've heard horror stories...
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    Hennessy Hammocks

    holding out the edges This weekend I added motorcycle camping to the list of activities that this home away from home is good for. Lying in reminded me of the hours spent in this thing in the heat in Mexico. To make it 'roomier' I stuck a thin piece of bamboo across the top through the...
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    Hennessy Hammocks

    love the hammock, Used it camping all over the gulf islands (probably in some of your backyards). Most recently, I lived in it on a bike trip through Mexico. The 'privacy' of the bug screen is nice, but in hot climes it does lack airflow. When the bugs were out, I loved it more. The heatloss...
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    Outback Oven Recipes

    raisin biscuits and lemons Can't remember the exact recipe, pulled it from the Joy of Cooking and prepped it before the trip: some flour, salt, instant milk powder, add a squirt of vanilla and enough water. Throw in half a squeezed lemon and some raisins, mix for a while (until almost...
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    Sleeping pads

    One minor problem with the Ridgerest emerges if you are in a dripping snowcave or use your mattress as a pool noodle in a hot spring or in the lake, moisture will pool in the valleys of the ridges. Of course, one could sponge it out with a dirty sock, or put it on it's edge for a few minutes...
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    bivy bag

    I've used the South Col and the Unishelter, both by Integral Designs. I prefer the Unishelter becuase you can sit up in it. Having the screen away from your face is a must. If you can handle the extra few ounces for this feature, do it. j
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    Sleeping pads

    Personally, I don't like the ones that you have to inflate using the stuffsack. It's a pain in the but. If your sleeping bag is warm enough, you won't need fancy down or primaloft underneath. I prefer the good ole thermarests. If you are kayaking, get the biggest and puffiest most comfy one...
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    Swallow 2p Tent

    Me too. No need for mesh when there's no bugs, just a shovel and a biv-sack and/or tarp
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    Swallow 2p Tent

    tents Hi all, I'm new here, so i thought a brief bio may be in order. Currently, I am one of the dudes that deals with your defective stuff when you send it back to the mec. I have been working warranty for almost ten years, so I see what breaks and i hear what folks who use gear say when...