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    Merry Christmas to all.

    Merry Christmas to all!
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    Cockpit and spray skirt sizing

    Hello to all you good folks out there. I have a question maybe someone can answer for me: I would like to know the circumference of the outside of the combing on kayaks that takes a Seals 1.2 and 1.4 size skirt. My idea is that if I know the circumference and I make a string loop of that...
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    Perception's hatches?

    Hello to all. I just picked up a 17 foot Perception Eclipse Sea Lion. As with other Perception kayaks I have picked up and seen, the rear hatch is held down by straps with Fast-Tex buckles. And as with others, the straps are made in a "Y" with one being long and the other the correct length...
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    Winter just got here

    Well----- Winter's here I guess! I went out this morning and thought I'd go up the river from the lake, and see if I could find some deer. I got to the place I usually put in and found ice. I knew there would be some, but not near as thick as it turned out to be. I have been seeing a thin...
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    cold water and your hands?

    I just got back from what may be the last camping trip of the year. I went out for 3 days on the lake near my home and I paddled about 40 miles or so. Didn't push very hard, but did go slow enough to explore a lot of shore line and found about 20 places that will be good camp-sites in the...
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    What is the thing that holds the rudder with it's folded called?

    Hello all. I just picked up 2 kayaks, both with rudders. One has a rubber “cradle” which I would like to replace just because it’s so small, and the other one has a “cradle” that’s torn and non-functional. I can fabricate what I need for replacements, but it would be easier to buy them...
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    Silva 70P compass question

    Well I got a Silva 70P compass. It came new in the box, but going on line for instructions it seems there is info on setting it for declination, which they call compensation, but when I look a the compass itself there are NO screws to adjust for east/west and north/south despite what the sheet...
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    Pronghorn antelope from a kayak seat

    My friend Steve M. and I went out for a 5 hour paddle on Sunday. He had a camera along. We slid up close to shore where a small herd of Pronghorns were and got a few pictures. That's me in the Red Chatham and Steve M is behind the camera. Pronghorn 1 by Steve Zihn, on Flickr pronghorn 2 by...
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    Barracuda kayaks?

    Hello to all. I have come to hear about a kayak maker in New Zealand called Barracuda. I looked that the web site and the kayaks are all made with pretty high foredecks with swells directly in front of the cockpit combing. Some early Aleutain kayas were made in that fashon, but most of those...
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    A kayak in my not-too-distant future

    I am very interested in an Eddyline Fathom in the next few months or sometime next spring. I am looking for any feedback from anyone that has experience with this kayak, and all "pros and cons" I can get. I am 5' 6" tall (short) and I am heavy for my height at 190 pounds. I am not at all fat...
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    What brand of bilge pump is the best quality

    Title of the post says it all. I see several on the market and most seem pretty low quality, cheaply made, with a lot of small plastic parts that seems likely to break at the time you'd need it. So. are there any hand pumps out there that are what you'd call "high quality"?
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    Greenland and Aleutian paddles?

    Has anyone here ever used an Aleutian paddle? How do they compare to a GL paddle? I can see a trade off, in the fact that the Aleutian blade has a flat side which would probably make it a bit better for sculling, but the trad-off is that it’s not used the same on both sides so the loom would...
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    To glue a leaking bulkhead?

    Hello to all. I went on the water most of today and I just got home. I found today the bulkhead on my Necky Chatham 17 (plastic) is leaking at the 6:00 position. If I push on it the bottom will move back and forth about 3/16 of an inch. I am thinking I could use a syringe and a needle with a...
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    My longest Sunday afternoon trip to date

    Well, I just finished my longest afternoon kayak trip to date. I try to go every Sunday after church. I left at the Jarvis beach (small waterfront piece of land Beau Jarvis let's me use to kayak from) at 1:00 and paddled to the marina up by the dam on the north end of Boysen Reservoir I got...
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    any difference in Budgie cord?

    I am going to replace the bungies on my kayak. I ripped through the case on one,a nd they are faided so I assume the life of the exiosting cords is about done. In the experience of the readers here, is all bungie cord the same, or do some brands outlast others. I was just going to get some off...
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    Necky Thigh braces?

    In my Necky Chatham17 my thigh hooks seem to hook downward too much My legs are large in diameter so the hook hit me mid thigh instaed of going over the curve. Are there any replacement braces that are longer side to side that wound put all the pressure at a sharp point at 12:00 on my thighs...
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    A passing thought:

    Today I found out that polypropylene is made in clear. ( My wife is an engineer at an injection molding factory.) So my though is some one should make some Kayaks in clear polypro, for instructors, schools and students. When doing demonstrations or, if a coach is watching a student, it would...
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    5Mm wetsuit jacket or vest?

    Ok,-------- knowing that I am coming up in a few months on much colder waters I would like to buy a wet-suit jacket or vest in 5MM or maybe even thicker. I have a full sleeve jacket now, but it's only 1.5MM and when the water comes down in late fall time, or in the coming spring, it's going to...
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    Can I JB Weld some plastic lugs to my Rec-Kayak combing to make the skirt grab a bit better

    I have a large cockpit on my Old Town Loon and I do have a spray skirt for it, but it doesn't really grab well around the sides. It works well enough once you get it on, but getting it on is almost a 2 man job because I can't reach the back and the front both from the seated position and the...
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    Pyranha Everest 12'-9"?

    My wife just bought a Parana 12 foot 9 inch kayak called an Everest for $150. I can't see how that could be a bad move, but I know nothign at all about that brand. Anyone out there know anything about them? The good the bad and the ugly?