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    A (mostly) windless day on Indian Arm

    Today was forecast to have very little wind. I thought this would be a good opportunity to take the Stellar S18R I tried out a few months ago on a longer trip. Given how narrow it is, I figured flat water would be helpful as I continue to get acquainted with it. I've been taking my Rapier out...
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    BC Marine Trails Website 'Improvements' 2021

    Growing pains as with anything. I appreciate the amount of work that has gone into it and no doubt will continue to in future. Lots of people just expect technology to work, but the back end involves a lot of work.
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    I wish to register a complaint. (Monty Python voice)

    This was found by searching "PLB battery". I know most forum software I've dealt with previously is a bit reluctant to modification.
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    Self-rescue while tripping

    Adding to the thread with my two cents. I too have not had an unintentional loaded capsize. As with many I generally keep my solo trips pretty conservative. There have been a few times where I could (should) have been a bit cautious of conditions, but good bracing and some enthusiastic cursing...
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    Tarp storage idea

    In my last trip report I mentioned a few bits of gear that were in need of an upgrade. New rain gear has already been acquired, and I'm making my way through the rest of the list. One item that I didn't mention was my tarp. It's an Aquaquest tarp and has been wonderfully dry. My issue is not...
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    Marina pay ramps hate this one stupid trick...

    I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel where he jumps back onto the dock.
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    Quadra to Kingcome and Back Again (Part One: North Quadra to Tribune Channel)

    What an awesome trip so far! Great pictures too. Seems like a perfect honeymoon for the two of you! Excited to read part 2.
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    Gel coat/Catalyst ratio for small batch

    Glad to hear it set up. Regarding coarseness of sandpaper: I usually use 80 for any significant removal of material, then 120 for smoothing out the gauges left by that, and finally 800. You can definitely you go for something finer, but I find once the 800 wears down a little it's a finer cut...
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    Gel coat/Catalyst ratio for small batch

    Does your gelcoat have air dry added to it? Gelcoat is usually pretty forgiving of a hot mix (within reason) so I'd be tempted to mix up a batch that's heavier on the catalyst and work fast. Obviously ignore this if you're working with a large area. Is your work area heated?
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    Cockpit and spray skirt sizing

    Many/most commercial kayaks these days seem to be those sizes. Usually 1.4 or 1.7, in my experience. Often one can swap between a 1.7 and a 1.4, depending on paddler's preference. For example, a 1.4 fits on my Necky, and is apparently correct according to Seals' sizing charts, but I find a 1.7...
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    Chimeric Cookset, and show us your manufacturer's mash-up

    It's funny to think that how well things nest is such an important part of gear selection. I've got some pieces that nest together well, though they're by no means the most efficient use of space. I like cooking over a fire sometimes, so I want a steel pot that is nice and fat and doesn't want...
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    Pitt lake overnight

    Good insight all. AM, how long did the boots last for you? Definitely flowing through. The slab the toilet is perched on had about a half inch of water on it, and lifting the lid revealed that water level was matched inside the pit. But no discernable smell. "Dilution is the solution to...
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    Rudder Deployment Rope Knots

    I think taking up slack is a nice side effect of the shock cord. But generally if you pull the one side tight and cleat it, the other side stays a bit loose. Although my shock cord isn't the most youthful, and could probably stand to be replaced. I can try taking pictures of the arrangement on...
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    Rudder Deployment Rope Knots

    On my Necky it's got static line for most of the rudder haul line, but a short section (maybe 2 feet?) of bungee where it goes through the padeye. The rudder it tied to the static line with some nice meaty knots. Pull whichever is farther back to the front to toggle up/down. A cleat is nearby to...
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    Pitt lake overnight

    I set out on a little overnight trip to Pitt lake. When I set out the tide was super low. The launch area is a bit of a mud pit, so I opted to load up the kayak and slide it into the water fully loaded. I headed out to Raven Creek. It's normally very popular with powerboaters, but given the...
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    Rudder Deployment Rope Knots

    In later years the arrangement was as you describe Mac 50L. I am not sure what year they made the switch though.
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    Drysuit Boots - my latest experiment

    Reminds me of an NRS Boundary Boot, but cut off at the ankle. I hope they work out. I've been pondering replacing my footwear for a while now but it's a balancing act, as you alluded to, of flexibility, size, and ruggedness.
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    BC Marine Trails Website 'Improvements' 2021

    What browser are you using John? I found this actually loaded significantly faster than it used to. I was going to log in to check out if there are features 'hidden' to non-members, but apparently my login credentials are no longer valid. Time to renew, I guess.
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    Dumb idea - lowest profile short distance cart

    I doubt it would work on uneven surfaces, and it lacks the ability to turn. Regarding small carts: I've often wondered if a single wheeled contraption could be devised. Essentially turning the kayak into a wheelbarrow. Probably doesn't exist for a reason.