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  1. stagger

    BCMTNA map down?

    The map is currently showing only one feature: a safety stop at Sangster Island. All other features hidden. What gives?
  2. stagger

    Satellite communication devices (inReach, Spot, etc)

    There doesn’t appear to be a general thread about the pros/cons/ins/outs of various satellite communication devices. A few years ago, inReach and sat phones were the only game in town if you wanted 2-way communication. Since then, Spot has introduced a 2-way communicator and there are other...
  3. stagger

    From Klemtu to Hakai: 14 days' kayaking on the Central Coast, Sept 2-14, 2018

    Hi, all. I finally got round (at my paddling partner's urging) to writing up last year's trip. I'll post it here per forum rules, but there'll be more photos & links & even some videos on the blog itself:
  4. stagger

    SOLD! - Mariner II with bow and stern bulkheads/hatches

    Since I’m now the proud owner of a Mariner Max, and at least a couple too many kayaks into a collection, the time has come to put my Mariner II up for sale. Mariners were built without front bulkheads & were designed to be used with flotation bags and sea socks. Our own John Abercrombie has...
  5. stagger

    Hakai/Bella Bella - recommendations?

    Hey, all - just beginning to plan 2018's big trip next August. Launching and returning out of Shearwater, most likely. It looks unlikely that we'll be able to cover all the ground we want to in the time we have (as always). North Calvert is pretty much a non-negotiable destination for us...
  6. stagger

    Broughton Archipelago, August 2017

    My trusty travelling companion and I spent 10 days in the Broughton area this August on a couple of Mariner kayaks we bought from this Forum's very own John Abercrombie. Trip report is here: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 & 10 I'll do my best to cut & paste it into...
  7. stagger

    Getting to the Central Coast

    Ok, so since the publication of The Wild Coast 2, Things have changed. The ferry doesn’t do wet launches and pickups, and it doesn’t stop at Namu no mo’. Am I right in thinking that water taxi or a landing at a ferry terminal (Bella Bella, Shearwater, Klemtu, Ocean Falls) are the only options...
  8. stagger

    Parking in Port McNeill?

    Our annual trek takes us to the Broughtons area this year. Does anyone have experience/suggestions for parking in Port McNeill? Free would be good, paid is fine if it's more secure.
  9. stagger

    Current Designs Pisces?

    I have a line on a couple CD Pisces 17 (one is 17.5) for $800 each. Because I live inland, I generally rent kayaks for expeditions but at this price they'd pay for themselves pretty quick - about a year. I can't find much info on this model online; I gather they're an early model. I'm not...
  10. stagger

    Venture Islay 12

  11. stagger

    Where did you paddle - June 2015

  12. stagger

    5 day trip in Sechelt Inlet (long)