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  1. Dan_Millsip

    A Few Words About the Future of WestCoastPaddler

    Hello everyone, today, March 18th, marks 15 years since we started back on this date in 2005. In 2004 there wasn't much available online about sea kayaking. A small group of us who met geocaching started paddling together. We were inexperienced but we had kayaks and were...
  2. Dan_Millsip

    Toilet Paper Preparations...

    With the current pandemic producing a toilet paper crisis at supermarkets near everyone, it got me thinking of a kayak trip that my daughter and I did a few years ago to the Broken Group. On our first day, we realized that we had carelessly forgot to bring toilet paper - a big blunder...
  3. Dan_Millsip

    NOTE NEW DATE: Forum Shutdown Saturday March 7

    Please note that the WestCoastPaddler forums will be closed for updates and maintenance this coming Saturday, March 7 from 10:00am until 2:00pm. Thanks for your understanding. Dan ----- Edit: Changed date of update
  4. Dan_Millsip

    Site will be temporarily offline tonight - Sept 15

    We're moving the site tonight to the new server. The site will be closed around 7:30PM and should be back up and running on Saturday morning (all going well). The site will be just as it is now. No images or posts will be lost. Thanks for your continued support. Dan -----
  5. Dan_Millsip

    OT: Looking for new web hosting site

    Completely off topic but we're looking for new web hosting for this site. Can anyone recommend a company based on experience? Preferably, we'd like a Canadian host company.
  6. Dan_Millsip

    New Forums will be changing (again)

    Hi everyone, It's been a difficult past three weeks with the migration of the forums to the new server software and it's not over yet. When we imported the database into the new forum software a lot of the images that were previously in discussions did not transfer properly due to errors with...
  7. Dan_Millsip

    New forum software: Known Issues

    If you're having issues with any of the features of the forum software please check here. We'll keep a list of issues and found solutions here. Windows: no known issues. Mac: no known issues. Linux: Problem: Pasting into comment reply window with Chrome browser. Solution: Disable the Rich...
  8. Dan_Millsip

    Welcome to the new forums! Report a problem thread.

    Hi Everyone, Well, it wasn't as straight-forward a move to the new forums as we'd hoped but as you can see, we've got the new forums up and running. We'll be working on fine tuning things for the next couple of weeks so please bear with us if things in the forums don't work correctly right...
  9. Dan_Millsip

    New forums coming soon!

  10. Dan_Millsip

    Problem with the site

  11. Dan_Millsip

    We're back!

  12. Dan_Millsip

    Take-Apart Kayak from new Vancouver Manufacturer

    Do not buy a Ukai kayak. I bought mine second hand (but never used) in 2018. It has been stored in completely dry conditions. However the seals have become more warped each year and now it is very difficult (a struggle) to snap the kayak together and isn’t water tight at the seals any longer. I...