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    Wooden Boat Rendezvous

    With the wooden boat festival cancelled in Vancouver Canada, the Wooden Boat Society is organizing a small boat rendezvous for Sept 24, 2022. It will be held at the new wooden boat center in New Westminster, BC, Canada. If you have a car topper (canoe or kayak) or small trailered wooden boat...
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    Black Pearl

    New Black Pearl kayak. Custom wood strip, never seen water. Designed by Bjorn Thomasson for a paddler with height up to 5'10", weight range of 155-175 lbs. and due to traditional cockpit opening, a slender build. Contact me for more info and pricing.
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    Course on boat repair

    The wooden boat society has scheduled a few courses on simple boat repair for 2022. First is on minor dings and gel coat. You can actually bring your canoe or kayak and have it fixed over the weekend. The other is intro to epoxy resin and all its uses in repairs, clear coating, and more. Check...
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    Wooden boat festival

    The Vancouver wooden boat festival is back for 2021 after a year in which we all want to just move on from. If you built or restored your own small boat (canoe, kayak, row/sail boat), then sign up for our I built it myself section. Or you can list your boat on our virtual web listing for...
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    Free canoe molds/strongback

    Customer is heading back home to Sweden and taking his canoe with him. Free strongback and molds for a prospector canoe. Contact
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    Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival

    Registration is open for the Vancouver wooden boat festival, Aug 28-30, 2020. You can apply to enter your boat to be part of the show or if you built a small wooden boat yourself (canoe, kayak, row/sail boat) then enter the "I Built It Myself" section. Everything you need is on the society web...
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    SOLD! - Kids paddle - Paddlewan

    Kids kayak paddle. Paddlewan 165 cm. Never used. or Rod at 604 312 4784 New is $119 plus taxes, so half price at $60
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    Greenland paddle class

    This spring I led a session on making Greenland kayak paddles. The class filled up quickly, so the Wooden Boat Society is offering it again this fall. Check out all the programs on their web site.
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    Free building box beam

    A customer has a box beam for building canoes and kayaks for free. His name is Jim and he can be contacted at 778 888-2604 in the greater Vancouver area.
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    Free building box beam - no longer available

    A customer has a box beam for building canoes and kayaks for free. His name is Jim and he can be contacted at (604) xxx-xxxx in the greater Vancouver area.
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    Kids SOF building class

    I am running a kids SOF kayak building class at the wooden boat center in New West on May 18-19. For only $400, you build a small kayak with the child and take it home. All proceeds to the Wooden boat center. The design is the KidYak by Dave Gentry. Everything provided and a great experience...
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    Paddle making classes

    Just thought I would pass along a bit of info on upcoming classes on paddle making. The Van. wooden boat society has acquired a space to do some community programming in New Westminster and we are starting with a few simple weekend classes. These include canoe paddle, Greenland kayak paddle...
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    Wooden boat festival

    Since I am on the board, I will pass along that registration is now open for the Vancouver wooden boat festival and with permission from Mystic, we are adding the category of "I Built It Myself". So if you live in the Vancouver area and have or are building a small boat, then enter it for free...
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    Wood strip kayak

    One of my kayaks that had been on display in a restaurant is up for sale. They are renovating the establishment and no longer see it fitting in with the decor. It is just over 18 ft. long and 21 inches wide and designed to go fast. Info on the design can be found on my web site kayak page. it...
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    SOLD! - Peterborough Canoe

    Peterborough cedar canvas canoe built in mid 1950's. Fully restored a few years ago and barely used. New canvas, seats, gunwales, keel and much, much more. Click on link for some photos. Invested at least $2500 in time and materials. Sell for $1500...
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    Paddle making class

    You can sign up to make your own canoe or dragon boat paddle at this years wooden boat festival in Vancouver. Two full days, Aug 25-26 on Granville Island. We supply the blank and all the tools and it is free to the first 10 people. Contact for more info.
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    Repair course

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    Greenland paddle course