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  1. jefffski

    To EPIRB or not to EPIRB

    I'm interested in your opinions. Just to be clear, an EPIRB is a one-time use device to alert authorities of an immediate need for a rescue. I am an ocean canoeist. My partner and I have paddled in the BGI, Deer Group, Broughtons, Hakai Luxvbelis (Great Bear), Sechelt Inlet and Desolation...
  2. jefffski

    Reservations in Broken Group

    Heading to the BGI and Deer Groups next week. I'm going to book camp spots for the first few nights in the BGI (one tent). We're then heading to the Deer Group (no permits needed). We may head directly back to Secret Beach after the Deer Group or we may need to stop for a night in the BGI. I'm...
  3. jefffski

    Howe Sound from Porteau Cove

    Just returned from a beautiful covernighter in Howe Sound from Porteau Cove to Islet View in our canoe. We loved paddling around Anvil Island. Islet View is a wonderfully created site (tent sites, bear box, canoe run, picnic table) with the best smelling and cleanest outhouse. Must be the cedar...
  4. jefffski

    Pitt Lake, BC

    Yesterday, we canoed to Osprey Creek South on Pitt Lake, BC, about 15 km from the put in. We had glassy waters and a nice push from the tide (Pitt is a tidal lake). After a very relaxing afternoon, we waited as long as we could for the typical afternoon winds to abate, but by 6 pm, they had...
  5. jefffski

    Desolation Sound

    5 min video. My partner and I spent a delightful and calm four days paddling (about 80 km) in Desolation Sound. We launched from Okeover. Because we had a late start (6 p.m.), we just paddled up to Hare Point for dinner and the first night. The second day, we paddled to the Curmes, where we...
  6. jefffski

    Book: Whitewater Trips and Hot Springs in the Kootenays of BC

    Looking to borrow a copy of Whitewater Trips and Hot Springs in the Kootenays of BC By Betty Pratt-Johnson, Published by Adventure Publishing of Vancouver/Seattle. I'm in Vancouver BC. Also, I'm interested in water levels in the Kootenay River from Settler's Bridge to Canal Flats in early to...
  7. jefffski

    Funny FB post

    This guy posted on a club facebook page and asked someone to share it with the club. I think he thinks its his own page.
  8. jefffski


    I saw this site buried in a post and thought I should share it here:
  9. jefffski

    Next summer

    It’s time to begin thinking and planning next summer’s big trip. In previous years, we’ve enjoyed canoeing in Sechelt Inlet, Bowron Lakes, Desolation Sound, Broken and Deer Groups, Broughton Archipelago and Hakai. In the last one last year, a 12-day, 200 km trip, detailed here, we paddled from...
  10. jefffski

    Sea to Sky Marine Trail

    Great video showing all the sites with important details.
  11. jefffski

    Bella Bella to North Calvert Island by Canoe

    This past August, my partner and I went on a fantastic 12-day canoe trip around BC's mid-coast. Although this area is well traveled by many kayakers, and there are some fishing lodges, otherwise the area is remote and wild. To mark our journey to this wondrous area, I have created a website...
  12. jefffski

    Harrison Lake BC Day Trip

    Harrison Lake is big and beautiful with cold, green-hued water. It sees too few canoeists and kayakers because people are afraid of the strong northerlies that come up almost every afternoon. We love this lake, especially its seals (!) that come up from the ocean via the Fraser River and then...
  13. jefffski

    Pitt Lake: Cursed or Blessed?

    Pitt Lake—Cursed or Blessed? A Mother’s Day Trip North To some, 25-kilometre long Pitt Lake is cursed. For us, the curse only extends to its crazy afternoon winds and waves, and on weekends, noisy motorboats and partygoers. We gambled that by choosing a Sunday-Monday paddle in mid May, we could...
  14. jefffski

    Vickers Creek on Pitt Lake

    Does anyone know if there is a dry and flat spot to camp on at Vickers Creek at the top end of Pitt Lake? I'm guessing it's all flooded now. thx
  15. jefffski

    Rescue signalling devices

    What if any rescue signalling devices do you carry? I'm looking into a waterproof laser pointer type thing. Only one is visible in daylight as far as I know, but it's more than $100. See
  16. jefffski

    Barnet Marine Park Overnight Parking

    Does anybody have info on a safe place to park a car overnight at Barnet Marine Park? Thanks, Jeff
  17. jefffski

    need help with new garmin 64s

    I just bought a brand new Garmin 64s. I have Bluechart installed on Homeport with waypoints and routes. I have copied the bluechart and waypoints onto a micro sd, inserted the micro sd into the gps but neither show up on the unit. I also tried adding it to the sd card via the usb cord. Perhaps I...
  18. jefffski

    Hakai Passage

    My partner and I will be paddling from Bella Bella across Hakai Passage next summer. Our only stop south of Hakai Passage will be Wolf Beach and then, we will make our way back to Bella Bella. We are concerned about transiting Hakai Passage, as we've read that in good weather, the best times to...