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    Anyone in the international freighting business?

    Or know someone who could advise on shipping a kayak from Victoria to New Zealand? The web has been less than helpful so I'm reaching out. Cheers John
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    InReach discontinued?

    Does anyone have any knowledge about discontinuation of the InReach Mini? I ask because when I started searching Google with the intention of buying I saw posts to that effect. Looking further it seemed nothing was concrete, but I expect that members of this forum would have better information...
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    Carbon and epoxy, UV resistance?

    Hello The Brains Trust, I have a question. How resistant to ultra violet light, ie sunlight, is carbon and epoxy? The interweb seems divided on the subject (and there's a thing huh!) The deck-line fittings on my Romany have taken a hiding over the years and some are starting to crack. A friend...
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    Plastic shell fit-out

    Buying and fitting out a plastic kayak, modifying most of it, was not on my agenda, but somehow it happened. In 2017 I called into a kayak factory owned and operated by the wonderful Grant family, friends and supporters of many paddlers in New Zealand. I had never seen polyethylene kayaks made...
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    Tarpology, by Cougarmeat

    Everything you ever wanted to know about Silnylon, Silpoly, DCF, snakeskins, continuous ridge lines/split ridge lines, dogbones, soft shackles, EVO loops, toggles, wasps, loop aliens, etc.
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    Dual control?

    Rather than hijack this thread: I thought I'd ask the larger team. How? Anyone? Photos? While I can think of a few ways to do it there may well be more thought-out...
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    SKGABC and Paddle Canada - questions

    Hi Team, This is a scattergun approach, hoping that I'll hit a suitable target(s). Apologies if inappropriate, if so mods please delete asap. I'm part of a review panel looking at New Zealand's current professional sea kayak instructor awards. As part of that we will look at guides v...
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    Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand, July 2020

    Warning, very, very long post! Short version: Two guys went paddling, saw some birds and fish, camped on some beaches, had no dramas, came home. The end. However, with the prospect of travelling seriously curtailed, this trip report from New Zealand may be of interest. If so, read on... It's...
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    Hi folks, I'm looking into (excuse the pun) getting a pair of binoculars, and wondered what people here are using. I'm not a great birdwatcher (I once identified an albatross as a seagull) so don't need huge magnification, they must be waterproof, and they need to be compact. Regarding price...
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    Contact towline

    A while ago I derailed a thread on rescues with talk of my contact tow: I've now photographed my setup, which may be of interest. This is the towline, which is short length of cord...
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    Touring in PNW, non-kayaking

    Hi Team, I'm after some general tourist advice for the PNW area. After attending PPS my wife and I are taking a trip down into Washington and Oregon, before returning to Vancouver for departure. Our plan is to travel from Vancouver Island onto San Juan and Orcas Islands, before landing at...
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    Nigel Dennis Kayaks

    Nigel Dennis, owner of NDK kayaks, builder of Romany, Explorer etc, and organiser of the ASSC symposium in Wales, has been hammered by a storm. Nigel is very supportive of the sea kayaking community internationally, I have benefitted from his generosity towards foreign instructors attending...
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    Off-gassing and smell

    Morning Folks, Last night I did a quick repair on my Nordkapp, and I wonder if anyone has any tricks to speed up polyester resin off-gassing, or ways to neutralise the smell? I'm paddling in three days time, and for a day of that the kayak will be on a roof rack, either in the carpark at work...
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    They're fighting back... ;)
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    Rock Gardening clothing

    Hi Folks, For those who like rock gardening, a quick question about your choice of clothing. What do you wear on your upper body? I usually wear my normal paddling gear, which in summer here is a paddle jacket over polypro. I don't wear a drysuit except in winter as the water is generally too...
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    Subantarctic Islands, Southern Ocean

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    Clothing suggestions under drysuit